CBC Launches Hilariously Biased & Ignorant Attack On The Post Millennial

How can they not see how hypocritical it is for a state-run broadcaster to criticize others for supposed ‘bias?’

The Post Millennial – which yours truly is proud to write articles for – has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing news and opinion outlets.

It features what you see in most online outlets today, a mix of news and opinion content.

And notably, it’s not taxpayer funded, refusing to force Canadian taxpayers to subsidize it.

None of that is remotely shocking or surprising.

Yet, to the CBC, it’s apparently big news!

And in an hilariously biased article, CBC attacked The Post Millennial.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The founders of The Post Millennial have big plans. In the next two years, they want to turn the once-obscure website they describe as a “centre-right” outlet into a news powerhouse that competes with legacy media across Canada and the United States.

On its About page, the site dubs itself “your reasonable alternative,” with a mission to “accurately and adequately report Canadian news events as they unfold and progress.”

But a CBC/Radio-Canada investigation found poor transparency around its political ties ā€” for one thing, many of its writers have openly campaigned for conservative politicians ā€” and unanswered questions about its journalistic standards and funding model.

The site covers national and regional news, as well as some sports and culture stories, and has a robust opinion section that features major conservative voices including Barbara Kay and Spencer Fernando.”

While it’s interesting that CBC is waking up to my growing influence (credit for which is actually owed to you and everyone who reads and shares my writing – thank you!) CBC is actually presenting a very biased and incorrect narrative.

For example, The Post Millennial’s opinion section includes many left-wing voices as well, something CBC conveniently ignores.

And, as was pointed out on Twitter, the CBC loves to claim how much they’re beating their competitors, while neglecting the fact that CBC is federally funded:

“Took me great pains to locate this again, but this is an ad CBC commissioned for itself premised entirely on shitting on other news stations.

CBC has a LONG history of attacking the competition, usually neglecting entirely to mention the fact that IT IS **FEDERALLY FUNDED.**”

This appears to be a classic case of projection by the CBC. In reality, they are a state-run ‘Liberal Pamphleteering’ outlet, and (while there are rare exceptions like Robyn Urback), mostly totally dominated by Liberal sentiment.

Consider how, just as the Liberals started pushing more of their anti-Conservative climate fear-mongering, CBC started running endless climate change segments that basically repeated Liberal talking points word for word.

And consider how, in their biased attack on The Post Millennial, they cited a supposed ‘expert’ without mentioning that he was… wait for it… a former CBC Executive Producer.

“The best part is when they use former CBC executive producer @ahconter as an expert source on transparency but they only say he’s “a professor of journalism”.

How does that saying go?

Something something log in your own eye…”

Talk about bias.

Talk about ‘pamphletering.’

Making this all the more disturbing is that CBC is using forcibly-taken taxpayer money to launch an attack against a possible competitor. That shouldn’t happen in a free society.

The fact is CBC can’t compete on a level playing field and they know it, so they attack, demonize, and show total bias towards anyone who they feel threatened by.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s sickening that we’re all forced to pay for it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


While Justin Trudeau forces Canadians to pay for the establishment media with his corrupt bailout, Spencer Fernando seeks VOLUNTARY contributions. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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The CBC, post national state that was Canada, radical, destructive, lefty, lieberal advertising media must be de-funded, and we are forced to pay for this propaganda, they must be stopped, they are NOT for Canadians.
This is something the Conservatives should be saying, along with we are stepping out of a corrupted UN. and their one world environmental communist control, I know a lot of Canadians would appreciate this. I would start to feel safer about Canada being put back together. Honesty and freedom of speech is so important.

William Jones

Truly, what would one expect? When your paycheque is dependent on how you ‘do your job,’ that makes the decision very easy — do what is ‘expected’ and do it right, or your paycheque will no longer be yours. It is not a threat, just an ‘understanding.’


I refuse to even listen to CBC anymore and I used to turn it on every morning. When I see an article by CBC, I pass it by. CBC is almost becoming a National joke.

Valerie Clark


Eric Blair

Somehow or other I am unable to get any CBC website on my laptop. It comes on for about a second and then goes blank. Don’t get me wrong… I am truly thankful for this “feature” but how does this work? Is there something that analyzes what I post on Spencer’s site or the Rebel and then blocks me. Now that is scary. Is it because my handle is George Orwell’s real name?


The official PM response article was essentially a roasting of CBC, it made me smile. It’s insane that they thought it was a good idea to bring attention to themselves in that fashion. Great article, I’ll be sharing everywhere.

Shawn Harris

Since when did the CBC become a trusted source of news?. After all, if it is so independent and unbiased, then why is it parroting Trudeau and the Liberals word for word. Real independent journalism, doesn’t rely upon state funding, attacking people and other journalists, who just happen to have different thoughts and opinions, especially those whose thoughts and opinions are of the conservative flavour. All of these biased, even hateful articles and opinions by the CBC show it is high past time to defund the CBC and let it prove it’s worth to the Canadian public. Also why in… Read more »


Amazing what $1,500,000,000 plus $600,000,000 will buy. Without the one billion five hundred million dollar welfare cheque, the CBC would likely collapse. I suggest they go to a subscription base of viewers.

Have Universities cancelled courses on “Investigative journalism”? Seems it might have been replaced with “Teleprompter proficiency” and a course on Personal attacks.

Tom Quiggin

My guess is that the PM is getting more hits and downloads than CBC and out state broadcaster is getting frustrated.


That’s not a mote nor even a log, but an entire Douglas Fir in the eye of the CBC.

Don Taylor

CBC is definitely biased to lieberal, sorry Liberal content instead of being open to all parties

bob Fry

To Spencer Being a Conservative minded person, but still wanting to see both sides of the story so i can draw my own conclusions has become impossible with the Liberal left wing Media. I find your articles noteworthy and well written, and if you are a Conservative middle of the road writer, I find that refreshing in our today corrupt media. Keep up doing a good job in keeping the majority of Canadians informed to the truth of what is happening.


What was the saying… It’s hard to get people to see the truth when their paycheque requires them to not see it. Publicly funded journalism quickly turns into propaganda and mistruths sadly. That’s why journalism, real unbiased journalism can’t be funded at any level of gov’t, it makes it much too easy to go off track. Then we get something like; Canadian Bolshevik Corporation Communist Broadcasting Corporation Commies Be Commies take your pick it’s all CBC heehee I cut off cable a while back so at least stations I don’t agree with don’t get my money through the cable bill,… Read more »

You suck


Also PM: Entire article bashing CBC with conservative talking points about “state media”