Report: No Trudeau-Xi Meet

Instead, Trudeau has to ask Trump to make Canada’s case on our behalf.

Justin Trudeau often talks tough about US Republicans and US President Donald Trump.

But when push comes to shove, Trudeau has to ask the US to advocate on behalf of Canada on the issue of China.

And now, reports indicate that Trudeau won’t be getting a meeting with Xi Jinping, China President at the G20:

Video – Trudeau arrives in Osaka

This means that Trudeau will have no chance to say anything about detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. He has to rely on Trump to do it for him.

Considering that the US is our ally, it’s nice for them to help us out, but how does Trudeau not realize how embarrassing and hypocritical it is for him to be ‘acting all tough vs US Republicans,’ then having so little influence that he has to ask a US Republican Administration to do his job for him?

Of course, a key part of the problem here – aside from the brutal ruthlessness of the Communist State, is that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government refuses to take any retaliatory action at China’s repeated escalations. Trudeau has shown weakness, and government’s like China’s Communist State pounce the second they sense weakness – which is exactly what they’re doing to Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This is a sad joke. The worst “leader” in the history of the free world. But I’m not laughing. People will still vote for the dear “leader”. Shocking.

Al Smith

Some people will , but way ,way less then last time around . He will NOT be re-elected and be gone in October . I have NO doubt about that . People in Canada are PISSED beyond contempt .


Trudeau is useless as a PM and without notes or ear phones he would just babble away and get tongue tied because he lacks any knowledge of politics. China recognized what a potato head Trudeau is. If he gets back in then all those who voted for him will be responsible for the downfall of a once great country because Trudeau will do as much damage as he can.

Eleanor Merkus

He is just a child! Not only that, but a dumb child…..

Don Taylor

what else is there to say about Trudeau ,the fact is he has never grown up,he had a chance to say something about the 2 Canadians being held by communist China at the G-20 meeting ,instead he runs away to another country,is this the kind of man that you would put your trust in,if you or your country was in trouble?


Our country IS in trouble, Don, and we have a “leader?” who is absolutely incapable of doing anything about it. He brags about his admiration for a Communist Dictatorship that then turns around and craps on him. His incompetence is well known around the world. He tweets insults against President Trump behind his back and is now hoping that his grovelling will get some positive developments.

Trump would be well within his rights to simply ignore Trudeau. Go home, Justin, and play with your Leggos.


I would not say that Trudeau has no brains.I think he is listening to his advisers who are not competent,they are just pretenders knowalls..I think he should be a little wiser when choosing his advisers.As they say do not suffer fools.

William Roberts

Drama Boy is Canada’s Chaimberlan . Praising the enemy and then gets crushed by them.He’s fooled very easily on many occasions.


One can hardly blame China. We elected the Trudeau Liberals.

Thomas Tass

The leader of the “post nation state” whose motto is “could have should have would have” is now showing just how irrelevant Canada has become in three and one half years. Having done various negative characterizations of the US President the PM is now forced to grovel. October cannot come soon enough.


A man who has likely never had to be hard in life can not be expected to get hard over night. I cannot blame the panther for pouncing, but I can blame the prey for being complacent.


The big weakness Canada presents to the world is the SC Lavalin scandal. If Trudeau can break laws for business in Quebec, of course China expects the same corruption for their businesses.


Trudeau is in for a reality check with Trump as well…rumour has it that the Trump admin have dirt on him


justin has pissed of so many counties leaders , that no leader is going to take a chance on doing him a favor , cause there is no gain for them, they have seen that justin is not trustworthy .