VIDEO: Merkel Shaking Uncontrollably Again

Second incident of German Chancellor shaking in less than a month.

On June 18th, German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to the German capital.

While listening to the German national anthem, Merkel could be seen visibly shaking:

At the time, Merkel and her officials said that she was ‘dehydrated,’ and that she felt better after having some water.

However, there are now new concerns for Merkel’s health, following another video in which she is seen shaking.

You can view the video below:

This appears to be more than garden variety dehydration, and it’s concerning to see it happen for the second time in just over a week.

Hopefully it’s nothing too serious and the German Chancellor can get the help she needs if necessary.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I’m no fan of Angela Merkel – not by a long shot – but it’s still tragic to see someone’s health fail.


There is a worldwide case of TDS going around as well…
(Trump Derangement Syndrome)


Retire before it gets worse.

Clive Edwards

Didn’t Hillary Clinton have the same thing? Perhaps it happens to those who get to close to American presidents.

Major Tom

It’s just her demons manifesting……….


Could it possibly be the start of Parkinson’s Disease?