Disgraceful: Catherine McKenna Giving Over $200 MILLION More Of Our Taxpayer Dollars To Foreign Countries

The latest excuse for this theft and transfer of our taxpayer dollars is to ‘fight climate change’ in the Caribbean and the Americas.

Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals never miss a chance to take our tax dollars and give our money away to countries that aren’t Canada.

And there’s always a ‘nice’ excuse for it, but when we really look at it, those excuses are total BS.

Sometimes, it’s about building a road for the Jordanian Army.

Sometimes, it’s about ‘global equality.’

The latest excuse is supposedly about ‘fighting climate change.’

And that excuse is how Catherine McKenna is selling the latest giveaway of our tax dollars.

McKenna is giving $223.5 million of our tax dollars to countries in Caribbean and the Americas:

“Today in #Brussels, Minister McKenna announced $223.5M in funding to help countries in the Americas and the Caribbean region adapt to the effects of #ClimateChange.”

And of course, McKenna managed to bring up gender as a ‘reason’ for giving away our cash. Here’s part of what the government announcement said:

“Developing countries are disproportionately affected by climate change, with women and girls often most impacted. Minister McKenna, on behalf of the Minister of International Development and Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Maryam Monsef, announced that Canada will contribute $223.5 million to the Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in the Americas (C2F) project. In partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and IDB Invest, this initiative is the second phase of the C2F project and will help countries in the Americas and the Caribbean region adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.”

This is disgraceful.

Sure it sounds all nice and politically correct, but this is money that should be kept within Canada to help Canadian Citizens.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it over and over and over again: It’s called the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT for a reason, and that reason is that the money we pay to the government through taxes should be kept in our country and be spent on helping Canadians.

How can we give our money away to foreign countries when there are so many Canadians here at home who are struggling?

What about our Veterans?

What about our Seniors?

What about the many people suffering in the opioid epidemic?

What about the many Indigenous People living in brutal poverty?

What about the millions of people living on the edge of bankruptcy?

That is where the government should be focused – on Canadian Citizens living within our borders.

Anything else is unacceptable.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Climate change is gender specific? LGBTQ should be outraged. Until then I will quietly lament climate barbie giving away a quarter billion dollars. Sad times people…

David MacKAY

The only ones talking like there will be an election are the Conservatives. Is something else going on? This is an election year and Justin is pursuing folly as usual and the “owned” Main Stream media in Canada is gleefully supporting Trudeau in anything he does.
Will the anti-monarchy Governor General actually call an election?

Marion Leyland

When will this all stop??

old white guy

Never, because canadaians are spineless wimps.


Please inform us how you would begin to fight this? I’d be interested in hearing your solution, assuming you have one giving that you can toss names around.

grace brydges

I would love toknow how to stop the thieves with our money


It will not stop anytime soon due to vested interests and taking newly arrived people and shifting them to marginal ridings to swing the vote. In essence there is no difference between the libs and cons – only Max can fix this IMO.

grace brydges

Never because the Canadians have NO say on what and where OUR money goes , we should quit paying TAXES until we get a government that is working for its people not themselves


At the very least, the Liberals could pay down the debt with all the money they hand out the door to other countries.


Please explain pay down/

Elizabeth Thorne



There are just not enough bad things that can be said about this forced on Canadians UN wanna be world government out to hurt our country, are they feeling like some grand elite saviors of the world while bankrupting Canada, which is another reason the world has no respect for Canada, every country knows how much unnecessary debt these idiots are running up for our collapse and cannot believe it either.

Ron Shaw

Totally unacceptable . Justin and climate Barbie should be arrested and jailed for outright theft of Canadian tax dollars that are not theirs to give away ,especially to the UN run dictatorship that is run by ex Communists and world leaders who are trying to be one world leaders . Canadians need to fight back for our hard earned monies , money that is being wasted and squandered by a gaggle of liberal fools . This is totally UN CANADIAN , and disgraceful . Jail time for these tax thieves , as they obviously have no idea how hard the… Read more »

grace brydges

I so agree Oh and Canada Day just another reason to spend our money. Trudeau also acts like he’s spending his money on us and all the time its our own money lol, what an idiot.

Clive Edwards

I guess McKenna and assorted Liberal Party types will need to go to the Caribbean to dispense this money and from time to time afterwards to see how it is being spent. I wonder how much will end up in Liberal politicians’ Caribbean bank accounts after the Caribbean recipients complete their end of the bargain (See SNC Lavalin for how this works).

Don Taylor

Trudeau and his brainless almost traitorous gang of thieves would make a patriotic canadian vomit, with the giving of our monies to other countries and forgetting about the countries own citizens

Sharon Warren

You know folks, these Libs have a clinical condition that has no cure, it’s called “brain dead’. Sad. When it comes to supporting, benefitting, advocating for, assisting Canadians they are zzzzzzzzzzz. Just a few more weeks, we can make it till the Lib morons fall down dead.

old white guy

No one can alter the climate in any way shape or form. Taxing the air we breathe will not stop any climate changes. Stupid Canadians wail and moan about things of which they know nothing. As far as the 235 million dollars that they are giving away, that is borrowed money as the government of Canada has none.


“As far as the 235 million dollars that they are giving away, that is borrowed money as the government of Canada has none.”

Absolutely correct! Its a foreign aid, cash grab scam.

Most Canadians believe that our taxes go to the funding of public works and services. Our tax $ go to pay the interest on the debt to the private shareholders of the Bank of Canada. For every expenditure, we have to borrow more debt based dollars from a PRIVATELY owned central bank.

The Bank of Canada is not Canadian folks. Wish more people would talk about this.

Moe S.

I know exactly what you are talking about, it’s called “corporatocracy” which is a vast network of bankers and corporate executives who have become super wealthy by literally plundering nations into debt. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins.

old white guy

Unfortunately the average Canadian is not smart enough to even realize this let alone talk about it.


old white…You’re correct in a sense, but it’s not a matter of intellect. It’s apathy…most people just don’t care until they need to. Many, many “average” Canadians are suffering through the calculated damage of this worldwide globalist regime. Pain is waking people up all over the country.
So if you are patient and brave enough, speak what you know and those who are searching for answers will be grateful. Those content to slumber… well, sleepers gonna sleep lol.


sadly not many Canadians have an inkling of the facts. PET sold our BoC to the Rothchilds in nineteen seventy six. We have paid over a trillion in interest and no principal. Poloz sit on the board of the BIS in Switzerland – the central bank for all the central banks.


The Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in the Americas was initiated with 250 million Canadian dollars in 2012 by the Harper Government. McKenna is merely topping up a Conservative idea. Howl all you want but them the facts.


By your line of “thinking” this government and future ones will just have to keep handing out moneys becaaaause…………the Harper boogeyman did so. Well Ill give you that you are agreeing that somethings wrong with it this time.


I’m just wondering if you were this upset about money being wasted abroad when Harper did it? (which he did)

Ron Condly

Yes; and hopefully we can convince the new round of politicians elected this year to stop the insanity. It was insane under Harper and will be insane under Sheer if he does not act in Canadians interest.


Klimbimm, I do not know if Harper initiated 250 million Canadian dollars in 2012, although I have my doubts that this happened. But let’s Compare the Liberal Thieves with a Corrupt Drama Teacher/Snowboarder at the Helm with his Band of Monkeys, giving away Our Hard Earned Canadian Dollars like Drunken Sailors and Harper, a Fiscally Responsible ECONOMIST who left these Thieves a Surplus Upon their Election! McKenna has NO Business giving our Hard Earned Dollars to any Country for Any Reason. This is OUR Money to be Spent on Canada and the Needs of Canadians. Canada is pretty well BANKRUPT… Read more »


Klimbimm, I don’t know if Harper initiated the Canadian Climate fund for the Private Sector in the Americas, with 250 million Canadian dollars in 2012, as you profess he did. I somehow find it hard to believe. However, today we have Liberal Corrupt Thieves with Trudope, a Part Time Drama Teacher/Snowboarder and his band of Thieving Monkeys giving all of our Hard Earned Canadian Tax Dollars to any and every country like Drunken Sailors. Harper was an Intelligent Economist, who was Fiscally Responsible with our Tax Dollars and would Never have Initiated this funding unless it was feasible and the… Read more »



chris sky

Every time any amount of money leaves the country canadians have no idea of where it goes or how it was spent. and that’s how people like trudeau get ultra wealthy. by literally stealing your money with things like a “carbon tax” and “giving that money to other countrys” which really means taking the money out of canada so you can’t see it and then funneling a large portion to his “foundations” and “trusts”.

A. Reid

It would be nice if other countries gave us some FREE money, but I have never read of any countries that have. It is embarrassing to be aligned with people who give our money away when we have seniors and vets living below the poverty level…never mind our homeless population that could do with some help with inexpensive housing. Let’s keep the money at home to fix our own problems first, and then if there is anything left over, help other countries. Our P.M. needs to be replaced by a non-globalist who cares more about Canadians and treats us with… Read more »


We could use some dollars to help fight genocide.


I heard the expression “frenetic sadness” to describe the citizens of Ontario . The comedian was serious .. the whole country is imprisoned by a dark cloud of hopeless frustration with the dystopian like state imposed by Trudeau’s Liberals . “sunny ways” never came . This arrogance and absolute disrespect for Canadian citizens must be eradicated in October . Never again !

Shawn Harris

Since when has any Liberal passed up an opportunity to spend other people’s money and get nothing back in return?.Wasted and misspent taxpayers money go hand and in hand with being a Liberal. The part of this misuse of tax dollars, that makes everyone mad is, that in the past, the Liberals would at least try and hide it as a economic deal between countries. Now the Trudeau Liberals just rub your face in it and tell us it’s our fault they have to give our money to other not so deserving countries. It’s OK when it comes to countries… Read more »

Major Tom

Money laundering…….bribes and payoffs……..

Brian Dougan

As the razor sharp Ottawa talk show host Lowell Green used to say: “The monkeys are running the zoo.” (CFRA’s “The Lowell Green Show.”) Lowell took no prisoners. He recently had successful open heart surgery; but is “back in the saddle.” Back on the air; putting people like Trudeau in their place.

Karen Anderson

What can one say, God help us !!!

Al Jonsson

Do people not realize that when the Liberals give our tax dollars away to International causes that what they are doing is actually giving these funds to NGOs that support the Liberals? I would really like know who or which organization actually is receiving all these funds from our Government. When the Minister says the money is going to the Carribbean, why is there not a report to show where and how these funds are distributed and who is administering them. We
might be surprised by which millionaires we are paying with our tax dollars.

Vera Penny

Yet another payment to BUY HIS UN SEAT…This creep has wanted to sit on the executive team of UN and the UN smelling they had a chump, told him how many BILLIONS he must give away to be considered. Since he got in, this has been HIS ONLY MISSION. Not to help canadians – all those stories told now are fiction – a million jobs have NOT been created by private sector – most jobs created by gov’t in the public sector…with OUR TAX DOLLARS, most are part-time, anything, just so he can say a million jobs – no, BILLIONS… Read more »

William Jones

This government has no intention of caring for or helping Canadians. In fact, Trudeau has made it clear that ‘old stock Canadians’ disgust him (not to mention the reverse which is equally true) and there is not, nor ever has been any intention to look after Canadians firs (‘his’ primary job) but rather to financially strangle Canada into a third-world economic situation.


The Women, gender, climate problem, lol Sounds like a multi million dollar problem . NOT!

Paul Chabidon

I wish we had a media that would see one of these grand gestures, and then follow the money to see that at least it isn’t being wasted more than we already think!


It is political dogma and it does not get invested it gets given. It never comes our way and likely lines many of othe electeds pockets


Also 54 million in weaponized aid to Venezuela at the behest of Mr Pompeo, 55 million to Nokia to develop 5G, plus the 200 million from climate Barbie – the list is not good for Canada. My early pension is 37 dollars a month and my teeth are rattling around in my mouth but line jumpers and Syrians get free dental care without paying one penny in Canadian tax revenue. Not only is it not fair its reverse racism. Max has got it right everyone must be treated equal if we are to be a unified country.


McKenna is a joke, she seems to think that it’s okay to give away our money to rogue gov’ts and banana republics?? When are Canadians going to wake up to this nonsense? She is complaining about people calling her names, wonder why? People are getting fed up with a gov’t that treats it’s veterans and seniors with total distaste!!


Don’t forget, climate change is sexist and racist. Surely that’s worth 223.5 million dollars.


Taxation was never intended as a charity or to be used a kudgle to alter our behaviour (C02 tax). This is an abuse of their authority (a Breach of Trust).

Beverley Campbell

You are preaching to the choir, we Canadians all know that, however, dealing with Turdeau is like herding vapours, you have no control over where they are going to go and what they are going to do. Canadians are generally fed right up with this imbecile but we have no idea how to get rid of him, it’s like in the dark days of syphillis prior to the invention of antibiotics.


It’s just fiat currency. They just print more if need be. Doesn’t matter who’s in power. It’s time to switch to bitcoin. Take control of your money.