Evident Tension Between Trudeau & Xi At G20: (Photos, Video)

The two leaders didn’t speak even while seated right next to each other.

There was evident tension between Justin Trudeau and Xi Jinping at the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan.

Despite being seated next to each other, there was no sign of the usual superficial pleasantries, with both sitting stony-faced and not reacting.

This isn’t a bad thing on Trudeau’s part, as it would have been out of place for him to be super-friendly with Xi considering how poorly China has treated Canada.

At a different point, Trudeau and Xi had a short conversation on the sidelines of the summit.

Yet, as reported by Mercedes Stephenson, the PMO has refused to say whether the stony-faced sit down was before or after the informal chat, raising the possibility that things really didn’t go well.

“The PMO says that Trudeau and Xi spoke briefly later and described it as a constructive interaction. They would not disclose whether that interaction was before or after the video of the leaders sitting next to each other but not engaging”

On Twitter, CBC posted a video claiming the quick chat was ‘after’ the earlier stony-faced non-interaction, but this has not been confirmed:

Of course, since there is no formal meeting planned between the two leaders, leaving the responsibility of advocating on behalf of Canada to US President Donald Trump, who has said he would raise the issue of detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor when he has his formal meeting with the leader of the Communist State.

Below are some photos and video from the summit:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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D. Jerome Hauk

Apparently, there was no translator at hand


Trudeau trying to sell swamp land?


Exactly why is Justin Trudeau in Japan? I see no reason for him to be there not since he has accused Canada of vile names as: racist, islamophobes, far-right neo-nationalists, of committing genocide and so on and on. He purposely and deliberately splitting our nation apart, causing friction against religious groups, supports murderers rapists….. . Why then does he give rats ass about Canada? I just wish there were one of our good reporters (not trudeau’s lackies), to ask a him important questions which we have yet to hear from. We need to wake justin up in a public forum… Read more »


I would not want to be stuck sitting next to Trudeau, any where and would not want him virtue signaling at me, he is a horrible peoplekind an embarrassment for Canada, or Trudeau’s post national state. My favorite was Russia’s Putin comments at the G20 on how Liberalism was way past it’s prime and it should be stopped as countries populous were very much against it and all this forced migration and Mr. Putin said he believed Pres Trump was handling the USA’s illegal migrants and turning them back was the right way for his countries protection, of course this… Read more »


hahaha. what a show . 1- truediot not intelligent enough to face xi jinpin.
2- xi jinpin have no time to waste with an idiot .
3- you want to have support from america , then go talk with trump .