VIDEO: Scheer Slams Trudeau’s Weakness Towards China

Trudeau is unwilling to stand up to China says Scheer.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed Justin Trudeau’s weak response to Communist China’s horrible treatment of our country.

You can view his remarks below:

“Justin Trudeau has shown he’s unwilling to stand up to China. I won’t hesitate to.”

Scheer has called for Trudeau to pull Canada’s support for the Asian Infrastructure Bank, and has also said that a Scheer-led government would ban Huawei.

I fully agree with Scheer here, as I’ve repeatedly called for Trudeau to retaliate against China to send a message that we can’t be pushed around as a nation.

Yet, Trudeau has refused to do so, which has only resulted in more and more bullying.

So, while Scheer often doesn’t seem like the toughest leader, the reality is that he’s got it right on China, and is willing to show far more strength and resolve than Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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JT SO pathetic. Suppose it was his little bro Sasha jailed over there with lights shining 24/7, garbage food, nil privacy & non-stop interrogation…… wonder if JT could think of something to do. Innocent Canadians jailed in China is the height of abuse & mockery.


Go Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, Canada needs help still, with this pretend elite foreign UN run, NOT for Canada government We need a FOR Canada Conservative government, (and that is what I would have asked Pres. Trump for) Traitors to Canada need not apply.


Why is Trudeau financing a Communist Chinese Infrastructure Bank? He gives them money, Canadians take all the risks, and they slap him in the face. No nation has any respect for nor any fear of Trudeau. He has made us the laughingstock of the entire world.


5G facial recognition implimented at airports announced yesterday. Scheer talks banning Huawei but 5G network and Huawei are globally synonymous. Will Scheer ban 5G? Probably not, yet he risks embracing a path forward towards basic dictatorship by a repeat Trudeauesque globalist Parliament in the future by not doing so…. Huawei builds the digital Social Credit system these traitors to humanity salivate for…

William Roberts

Drama Boy only stands up to women.You know Cabinet Ministers that don’t kiss his ass.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has shown Canadians and the world over , he is weak and unfit to lead a G7 nation.Trudeau has deliberately chosen not to promote and defend Canada and Canadians but has rather instead taken the path of weakness, believing that it will lead to victory, against a very strong enemy, China. Trudeau fears offending China, because he admires their basic form of dictatorship( himself wanting to be one) and desperately wants to be seen as credible and believable on the world stage. So Canada suffers, attacks to our soverignty, economy and allows Canada to perceived as weak and defenseless,… Read more »

Rob Gillespie

You say he’s got it right on China, but will he actually do anything effective? Pull support for the Asian Infrastructure Bank? What the hell is that. Canadian taxpayers’ money shouldn’t be going to it anyway. Ban Huawei. I’ll bet he wouldn’t if it looked like a Quebec job or two would be affected… It occurs to me the first thing to do would be to expel the Chinese Ambassador. Well, maybe second: perhaps first should be a government warning to Canadians that it is not safe to travel to or do business in/with China. I really worry that Scheer… Read more »