WATCH: Brutally Awkward Moment As Trudeau Looks Totally Lost At G20

Was Justin Trudeau snubbed by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro?

Justin Trudeau has had yet another brutal moment ‘representing’ Canada on the world stage.

This time, it happened at the G20.

Trudeau was sitting in between Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

With tensions between Canada and China at an all-time high, Trudeau was loath to interact with Xi, and quickly turned away while sitting next to him.

Then, he looked around, appearing totally lost and like he had no idea what was going on.

After getting his bearings, Trudeau then either pointed out someone Balsonaro should shake hands with, or was snubbed for a handshake himself.

Bolsonaro ended up making Trudeau wait a while before finally giving him a handshake. And that’s no surprise, considering the perfunctory and lifeless statement the Trudeau government issued after Bolsonaro’s victory. Despite Bolsonaro winning a much larger percentage of the vote in Brazil than Trudeau won in Canada, the elites look down on Bolsonaro and his supporters, much like they look down on all of us who ‘dare’ question Trudeau – even in the face of his rampant incompetence.

You can watch the spectacle below:

“Ignora.” Don’t need a translation to get that one.

Some people may look at this and say it’s nitpicking to focus on it. However, the fact is that things like this show how Canada is viewed.

And while a lot of leaders and countries say nice things about Canada when prompted, thinking Canada is ‘nice’ and respecting our nation are two different things.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s repeated weakness in response to challenges – particularly his refusal to show any strength whatsoever in response to China’s aggression towards us – has sent a clear message that Canada can be treated like a joke without any fear of consequences.

That is leading to further provocations against Canada, and it shows up in many different ways. We learned earlier that Saudi Arabia hasn’t paid a whopping $1 billion they owe for the armoured vehicles our country is selling to them, another sign that we are seen as a joke.

So, Trudeau’s latest awkward incident on the world stage, and the evident disdain in which he is held by other world leaders is something that matters, because it impacts how Canada and the Canadian People end up being treated, and it impacts the world we live in.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Roger Shelswell

We should send an apology to Japan to The G 20 From all Canadians for sending a VILLAGE IDIOT to such an important event.


don’t worry donald trump will make us look good

Lynne Mayotte

Yes and tell them that we will send someone better next time.

Don Mustill

Like what you’re doing Spencer – but in this particular case, you’re reporting something that just isn’t there – regardless of the fact our PM is a complete buffoon. Clearly, he is letting Bolsinaro know that the person sitting next to him wants to interact. There’s a danger in over-reaching… can erode credibility. All that said – keep up the pressure and your good work……


not true I saw the whole video he was snubbing china and rach out touched the brazilian leader the guy turned his head and then turned the other way trudeau was offering his hand to shake and it was turned down. eventually the Brazilain leader shook his hand but trudeau was snubbed


Trudeau clearly offered his hand in the “handshake” configuration and looked completely humiliated. The whole episode looks good on our glad-handing soy boy.

Bill Johnstone

Love it! Trudeau should stick to pride parades. Lots of hand shaking for him there!


and more

Don Frankish.

It is pronounced gland not hand. lol


Canadians should NOT be Surprised at how Trudope is Treated and Viewed by World Leaders. He is an Incompetent Idiot and an Embarrassment to Canada. Let’s hope that Canadians will be RID of him come October. Hopefully, Atlantic Canada, BC and Quebec have some Pride for themselves and for all of Canada and kick this Incompetent, Corrupt Idiot to the Curb. October Can’t Come Soon Enough!


Unfortunately Andrew Scheer is not the man to beat Trudeau unless everyone gets out there and vote. Max Bernier was the actual winner for PM and not the unknown Scheer.


That guy has just got to go. Such an embarrassment to our country.


The Saudis are behind a billion dollars in payments, and what does Trudeau do? Nothing. China cuts off imports of Canadian goods and Trudeau sends them billions for the China Infrastructure Bank.

Trudeau has made Canada a joke in the eyes of the world.

Don Taylor

Turdeau was and still is a complete Joke

Diane DiFlorio

This clip will NEVER get old. LOL


It’s clear your opposition to the current government in Canada but let me tell you something about Bolsonaro: he doesn’t know how to behave in an event like that. He is unpolite by definition and actually don’t mind about that. He is dumb and unaware about his wn responsabilities and acts. That said, don’t foster this underdog feelings for Canada only because you don’t like Trudeau. The reason of this awkward situation is all on Bolsonaro’S unawareness in how to behave diplomatically.


You are wrong, because Bolsonaro treats good persons with diplomacy and respect. But Bolsonaro knows all in G20 and Know Trudeau is an anti-Canadian Citizen Politician, why I say this? Because a politician who defend the terrorists in is speech is bad for the Canada Citizens and for the World. Bolsonaro made the only action to people like him! The World need more Bolsonaros!


Trudeau has no clue in how to behave diplomatically and converse intelligently and leaders see that and shun him. Harper was totally different and well received by leaders.

Shawn Harris

Has Trudeau ever projected an image of strength, credibility, and power on the world stage?. Never and that is one of the reasons why he is viewed, in secret by world leaders as a joke, a clown, someone who is very far out his depth as a leader. Another reason why he is so lost, is that he doesn’t apply himself and learn the important information he must learn to be a leader; he just reacts and talks like the far left progressive socialist elite that he is, with nonsensical answers and drivel., that has, predictably lead to this totally… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

After watching Justine diminish so many people over the years with his snide looks and remarks, I must admit I rather enjoyed looking at this moment.

bob Fry

Trudeau’s trade trip to India only cost Canadian Farmers $750 Million Dollars plus tariffs against Canadian product. So let’s do the math for Canola, green peas, pork, cattle. meat. is approx.$ 1,250 Billion Dollars, This is what Trudeau should have done. sitting next to the Chinese President, Mr.President,This what a good P.M. would have said, Mr. President I am asking you that I want the release of our two Citizens within 24 hours, if you don’t comply I will put a total ban on any China product coming into Canada within the same 24 hours, and just to show you… Read more »


If Trump had made a similar gaffe that Trudeau did a few months ago (e.g. mixing up Japan with China), the biased CBC would have mocked the crap out of Trump.

Major Tom

He looks like that in front of his house……..


Unless you are brazilian, you really shouldn’t discuss about brazilian politics… the elite doesn’t look down on Bolsonaro, they voted for him. People with a brain, however, are the ones who look down on him. Plus, Bolsonaro’s reaction to Trudeau really doesn’t speak much about Trudeau, but Bolsonaro himself. If anything, feel ashamed for Brazilians, as we are doing far worse than you.

Eduardo Fonseca Arraes

Well said Gabriella. How can any Canadian think Bolsonaro is a positive thing? This new alt-right movement that wants to portray conservatism as the rebels fighting for the people against an elite is just ridiculous. Bolsonaro, Trump, Scheer, Trudeau, they are the elite chosen ones. There’s nothing popular about their agendas of protecting the 1% most rich.

don morris

That video is deliberately being used to embarrass Trudeau for something that didn’t occur.Trudeau was obviously pointing to the guy next to Bolsonaro.There is a video of Trudeau and Bolsonaro doing the “roman” style handshake and they looked quite friendly while doing so. Editing videos to make a person look worse than the situation actually was is just as dishonest when conservatives do it as when liberals do it. Trudeau wasn’t snubbed by Bolsonaro. He WAS looked at contemptuously by Xi Jinping, but as I am NOT a close personal friend of Xi,have no idea what he was thinking at… Read more »

Tara Mitrovka

Ron, the unpatriotic anti-Canadians on this thread aren’t interested in truth and facts. They’re Trump wannabes who only want Canada to look as bad as the US on the world stage. If they traveled beyond their own backyards they would know how very well-regarded Trudeau is throughout democracies around the world. If he’s not popular with fascists and dictators, that’s actually a good thing that shows character. Doing what’s right instead of what’s popular isn’t always the same thing, but the armchair “leaders” here appear to not get that.

Big Priest'

Hmmm Canada looks bad, because of the current prime minister, and his failing party.

Unlike yourself, there are many of us, who aren’t provincial, and indoctrinated.

We love the homeland, because many of us come from the Republic.

See, when you’re not born on Canadian soil, you have a different perspective.

There’s a right side of the equation and a wrong side of the equation.

And Canada is definitely on the wrong side of history.

Happy Independence Day, God Bless The Republic


Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing….so sad….


Justin Trudeau is a Globalist Puppet…nothing more…and what we are seeing is him doing the bidding of his controllers and I fear that he will do the most damage he can in fear that he may lose in the fall…

Tara Mitrovka

The awkwardness showed only the Brazilian president’s lack of class and poor leadership skills. But what do you expect from a guy who aligns himself with Trump and the Saudi murderer prince? Trudeau was snubbed by a classless moron because he is on the right side of history, like the rest of our allies. Instead of tearing our country down and denigrating our PM who is representing us well, we should be uniting behind him and behaving like real Canadians. You don’t have to love every last thing he does, but I’m sick of my fellow Canadians acting like the… Read more »