WATCH: Brutally Awkward Moment As Trudeau Looks Totally Lost At G20

Was Justin Trudeau snubbed by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro?

Justin Trudeau has had yet another brutal moment ‘representing’ Canada on the world stage.

This time, it happened at the G20.

Trudeau was sitting in between Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

With tensions between Canada and China at an all-time high, Trudeau was loath to interact with Xi, and quickly turned away while sitting next to him.

Then, he looked around, appearing totally lost and like he had no idea what was going on.

After getting his bearings, Trudeau then either pointed out someone Balsonaro should shake hands with, or was snubbed for a handshake himself.

Bolsonaro ended up making Trudeau wait a while before finally giving him a handshake. And that’s no surprise, considering the perfunctory and lifeless statement the Trudeau government issued after Bolsonaro’s victory. Despite Bolsonaro winning a much larger percentage of the vote in Brazil than Trudeau won in Canada, the elites look down on Bolsonaro and his supporters, much like they look down on all of us who ‘dare’ question Trudeau – even in the face of his rampant incompetence.

You can watch the spectacle below:

“Ignora.” Don’t need a translation to get that one.

Some people may look at this and say it’s nitpicking to focus on it. However, the fact is that things like this show how Canada is viewed.

And while a lot of leaders and countries say nice things about Canada when prompted, thinking Canada is ‘nice’ and respecting our nation are two different things.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s repeated weakness in response to challenges – particularly his refusal to show any strength whatsoever in response to China’s aggression towards us – has sent a clear message that Canada can be treated like a joke without any fear of consequences.

That is leading to further provocations against Canada, and it shows up in many different ways. We learned earlier that Saudi Arabia hasn’t paid a whopping $1 billion they owe for the armoured vehicles our country is selling to them, another sign that we are seen as a joke.

So, Trudeau’s latest awkward incident on the world stage, and the evident disdain in which he is held by other world leaders is something that matters, because it impacts how Canada and the Canadian People end up being treated, and it impacts the world we live in.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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