Indigenous Canadians Turn On Trudeau

Support collapses compared to 2015.

Indigenous Canadians have turned on Justin Trudeau.

That’s according to a Maru/Blue poll conducted for CBC News.

In 2015, the Trudeau Liberals won the most among Indigenous Canadians, pulling in 41% of the vote.

Now, they’ve fallen to 24%.

That 17 point drop represents a serious collapse in their support.

The Conservatives and NDP now lead the Liberals among Indigenous Canadians, with 26% each.

The Greens are at 16%.

Indigenous Canadians also rate Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer as the best choice for PM, with 20% picking him. Trudeau is at 19%, within the margin of error.

Additionally, 46% of Indigenous Canadians say they are ‘very angry’ with how Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott were treated.

And when it comes to whether Trudeau has helped improve living conditions for Indigenous People, just 25% of Indigenous respondents give him good marks on that, with the vast majority saying he’s done a poor job.

Perhaps that’s because, as many Indigenous Canadians continue to live in poverty, Trudeau instead gives billions away to foreign countries instead of helping people here at home.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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He has done a poor job because he has done no job.

Shawn Harris

Who would have thought that the ever tearful Trudeau and professor of all things indigenous and first nations would lose their support. Especially after all that he has done for them or more correctly , what he has done to them. Since Trudeau only looks vainly in the mirror to praise himself, he misses the more important part; that he is the source of why he is losing their support and isn’t trusted by them. It is said that pride and arrogance go before a fall, then Trudeau is long overdue for his big fall back to being just a… Read more »