LeBlanc Slate: Why Are So Many Judicial Appointments Going To Friends & Family Of Liberal MP?

‘Merit based’…

The Liberals talk a lot about their so-called ‘merit based’ judicial appointments, and claim that partisanship has nothing to do with who gets appointed.

Yet, it seems the key aspect of ‘merit’ just so happens to be knowing or being related to Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc.

According to a recent report, out of the last 6 judicial appointments in New Brunswick – where LeBlanc resides – 5 of those appointed are connected to the Liberal MP & cabinet minister.

One is related to LeBlanc, another is a neighbour, and three are individuals who helped him pay off his 2008 Liberal leadership contest debts.

Totally legit…

Two of the latest appointments are Robert Dysart and Arthur Doyle. In what is certainly another random coincidence, Dysart and Doyle are both Liberal donors, according to the report.

Another person appointed is Tracey DeWare. DeWare had previously donated to the Conservatives, and was appointed by Harper to the bench in 2012, while Trudeau promoted her to Chief Justice in the province. Her husband, Jacques Pinet also helped contribute to LeBlanc paying off his leadership debts. Pinet and DeWare are LeBlanc’s neighbours.

In 2018, the Trudeau government appointed Marie-Claude Belanger-Richard to an open judicial spot. Belanger-Richard is married to a brother-in-law of LeBlanc.

Hilariously, federal Justice Minister David Lametti’s office still claims “all judicial appointments are made on the basis of merit.”


Legalized corruption

This obviously looks totally corrupt, and yet no laws have been broken.

And really, that’s the problem. We have a system that is basically legalized corruption, where well-connected elites boost each other to positions of power, with salaries paid for by us taxpayers of course, and keep reinforcing their power at our expense.

No wonder the vast majority of Canadians say Canada is divided between regular people and the elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Marion Leyland

Liberals are disgusting trough feeders. They will never change,


Lib actions makes Cambodia look above board.


And… the Toronto Police Chief just announced that more arrests will not stop the gun violence??? Social justice, just what the crooks needed, so it is alright to shoot people, rob and rape etc. and with illegal guns??? But the people propping up the Lieberals here in Canada (Obama’s team and supporters,”elites”and paid off media) are only worried about closing down our country. We need much better laws, and we do not need “supposed elites” and their cronyism. Please vote very carefully.

Shawn Harris

This is another piece of evidence that the Trudeau Liberals are “Back”, as in back to the future and doing the same old open corruption that they used the last time they were in power. This latest edition of the Liberal brand has shown just how confident they are in openly using their corrupting powers; after all they gave us Lavscam, handing out fishery licenses to relatives by Leblanc in 2018, along with multiple ethics violations, rewarding terrorists and even bringing a convicted one on his India trip and now appointing judges in LeBlanc’s home province. With this track record… Read more »

William Jones

“This obviously looks totally correct……” — to a Liberal, ‘corrupt’ is a word that does not exist — to them, everything they do, corrupt or not by social standards, is absolutely honourable and above-board. It is, in fact, a mental illness — not unlike any dictator throughout history — to them, everything they do is honourable and necessary for the betterment of the country (meaning the dictator) and we have exactly the same mentality here with the Liberal Party of Canada.

Guy-Paul Roy

I thought Jody and Phillpot were Merit Based?

Clive Edwards

When I walk down to the pond I feel sad if I hear a solitary, lonesome frog singing for a mate. I much prefer an entire chorus of frogs celebrating together. I suspect Turdo feels the same way – the more frogs, the better;-)