Trudeau Had 3,308 Ton Carbon Footprint In 2018

While he lectures the rest of us, Trudeau has a massive carbon footprint.

Despite shattered credibility and no influence on the world stage, Justin Trudeau still managed to rack up a whopping 3,308 ton carbon footprint in 2018.

That’s according to a report by Bloomberg News.

Among G20 leaders, Trudeau is near the bottom-middle of the pack (5 countries didn’t share info), yet surprisingly outpaces the leaders of the UK, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Spain when it comes to their carbon footprint.

This hypocrisy might be acceptable if Trudeau had actually accomplished anything on his foreign jaunts, but instead Canadians have watched as our standing and influence in the world collapses more and more as he travels the globe at our expense.

Here’s the list:

1. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: 14,442.1 tons
2. U.S. President Donald Trump: 11,487.3 tons
3. South Korean President Moon Jae-in: 11,461 tons
4. Chinese President Xi Jinping: 8,280.3 tons
5. French President Emmanuel Macron: 7,645 tons
6. Russian President Vladimir Putin: 7,615.7 tons
7. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi: 7,477.3 tons
8. German Chancellor Angela Merkel: 7,325.1 tons
9. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: 6,394 tons
10. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: 5,087.7 tons
11. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: 3,308 tons
12. U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May: 2,277.6 tons
13. Former Brazilian President Michel Temer: 1,662.7 tons
14. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte: 1,662.7 tons
15. Spanish Prime Ministers Mariano Rajoy / Pedro Sanch├ęz: 985.3 tons

Notably, the analysis doesn’t even include support staff, which would have significantly added to the carbon footprint.

The reason many Canadians will be justifiably angered by this is that Trudeau and the elites constantly lecture us on how we need to change our habits and reduce our carbon footprints. Yet, Trudeau, McKenna, and others refuse to use Skype or other video platforms to communicate, and instead rack up huge amounts of international travel on the taxpayers dime – heavily contributing to global emissions.

As always with the elites, it’s “do as I say, not as I do.”

Spencer Fernando

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So right Spencer, but like everything LIEberals say or report, is it a true report? or is this just his jaunts back and forth across Canada, which seem to be weekly+.


He should tax himself more “to save the planet”


Idiot Trudope has NEVER Practised what he Preaches, nor has his Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Climate Barbie. Never, has a Minister of Environment or a PM in Canada had such an Astronomical Carbon Footprint. These Liberals have been Jetsetters at the Expense of Canadian Taxpayers. Canadians Cannot wait till these two HYPOCRITES are a Thing of the Past, come October.

old white guy

I don’t care how big anyone’s so called carbon footprint is because it means nothing for human survival. the hypocricy however is enough o choke a horse. The theft of billions of dollars by way of a carbon tax should have prompted an armed rebellion, instead we get to roll over and show our bellies.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s hypocrisy on the environment and how we the citizens are the designated villians for having caused the climate to change by just living our lives in a cold country, using our natural resources , just to stay alive and contribute to society, is not only condescending and contemptuous but borders on the bizarre between our real world and Trudeau’s fantasy world. While he flies about Canada and the world preaching climate salvation to his sycophantic and blind environmentalist believers, he has the nerve to say we have to change our lives or the world will die in some kind… Read more »

David Harris

Remember, Mc Kenna herself even says that the Carbon Tax will only reduce emissions by 20%. What about the other 80%. If we are serious about this we will stop pointing fingers at each other. Looking at individual footprints is futile. It’s a global problem. Canada only contributes 1.6% of the world’s CO2.
Get China to stop the conversion of Coal to natural gas. Though this helps the smog situation it increases CO2 emissions on an enormous scale.