WEAK: Trudeau Talks About “Our Chinese Partners,” & China’s “Growing Space” In Global Economy

Looks like Trudeau can only talk tough against our US allies and his Canadian political opponents.

Following China taking away Canadian prisoner Michael Kovrig’s glasses, and slamming Canada as ‘naive,’ Justin Trudeau had an opportunity to show strength.

But instead, as always when it comes to an actual threat, Trudeau showed weakness.

Speaking to the media at a Montreal funding announcement, Trudeau had this to say about the ongoing fight and responded to China’s foreign ministry spokesman’s rhetorical attack on Canada:

“On the contrary what we’re seeing really is that our allies (are) helping us and showing they’re concerned about the behaviour of China towards Canada. Our allies know it is now time to come together to support the values that we share, the rule of law as well. We’ll continue to work with our allies to demonstrate to our Chinese partners that we will remain firm, steadfast and will continue to defend the rule of law and Canadians’ safety.”

“And the fact that there are so many people, not just the United States but others, who are speaking clearly and strongly to China that this behaviour is not in their interest, not in China’s interest, and not indeed in keeping with the peace and security and the rules-based order that we’ve established in the world, is a very important and effective message,” added Trudeau.

And as noted by the CP, “Trudeau said Canada, along with its allies, will continue to push that message “as we move forward in a global economy in which China continues and will continue to occupy a growing space, that the understanding of our rules, of the rule of law and of indeed the rules-based order is something that is clearly communicated.”

Look at some of that wording.

“Our Chinese partners.”

“a global economy in which China continues and will continue to occupy a growing space.”

No toughness, no substance, no real push-back.

You can watch part of Trudeau’s weak answer to questions on the issue:

In fact, if you really look at what Trudeau said, you can notice that he’s putting the responsibility on other countries and the mythical ‘rules-based order’ that China is clearly already ignoring.

As I’ve said before, by refusing to retaliate, by endlessly playing nice, and by refusing to show any strength whatsoever, Trudeau sends a message of weakness that has led the Chicoms to believe they can get away with anything when it comes to denigrating and disrespecting our country.

Trudeau’s weakness puts Canada and Canadians at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube