GOOD: Scheer Wants Tougher Inspections, Tariffs On Communist China Imports

Scheer understands basic human nature: Provocation must be met with strength.

In a good move that contrasts heavily with Justin Trudeau’s pervasive weakness, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is calling for the federal government to toughen inspections of Chinese imports, and possibly hit the Communist state with tariffs.

Scheer says Canada must toughen our approach, by strengthening inspections of Chinese imports, and considering possible retaliatory tariffs on certain products from China in response to their provocations against us.

Scheer noted that Canada’s $75 billion in imports from China give us leverage:

“In short, we have leverage in this dispute, but only if we choose to wield it.”

This is a good move by Scheer, and shows that – unlike Trudeau – he understands basic human nature.

So far, China has been able to get away with anything, without any tough response.

Scheer’s approach would at least send the important message to China and other countries that anyone who disrespects Canada will face consequences, and consequences are the only thing that can dissuade bullies and ruthless regimes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I still think requiring every Chinese university student to renew their passports and student visas at the nearest Chinese Embassy by August 1 would put pressure on China. All visas would expire on that date and those not renewed in Canada would be required to do the renewals at an Embassy in China, in person.

Well over 120,000 Chinese students needing to process all the paperwork in one month would be almost impossible. Sending the two Canadians home might speed up the process.


How many of these students work for Chinese government?


Good for the conservatives, they say that they will and I bet they will do so.
Without all the stops and red tape and new laws to stop what they said they would do like the Lieberals and then block most of the media from mentioning this.

Thomas Tass

Watch how the Liberals and their pals they have bought of in the media spin this policy. Get ready for whining how penalizing PRC for their intransigence will be seen as racism. Guaranteed. It is the go instrument in the Liberal tool box each and every time.


More taxes…just great.

Shawn Harris

At least with Scheer, he is talking about real, verifiable and justified actions, that can actually hurt China.Whereas Trudeau’s pie in the sky hopes and dreams have produced nothing so far.Trudeau and his third party cronies, such as,” Engage”, who claim that Andrew Scheer’s weakness will hurt us, shows that they are hiding the true weakness of Justin Trudeau and his six now seven months long weakness and inability to confront China, defend Canada and Canadians and most importantly bring home Spavor and Kovrig from cruel and unjustified , illegal imprisonment in China. It is Trudeau’s weaknesses that have enabled… Read more »


I totally agree with Scheer.China is sending us a lot of junk and nobody is complaining.I was working in Transport industry.I have lost a job because my boss does not understand engineering. WE bought some Tire tubes for our rigs made in China.Well the tires would go flat.When you have 250 trucks and they are all 18 wheelers that amounts to a lot of money and delays.I was working on a 1968 Ford mustang I had to replace brakes front callipers nothing would fit I had to adapt it to fit even the brake pads were to thick.China is trying… Read more »

Scott Heron

I do not buy anything made in China

old white guy

How about made in China and assembled in Canada or the US?


Made in China No. Talking outomotive parts.They don’t have our chemical formula how to make steel.So the part has to be a little bigger in volume to be of the same strenghth.Their quality control does not compare to our standards,and materials they use does not compare to our standards.You can still find Canadian or USA cars or trucks that are 50 or 60 years old and they are still in use.If we are talking about machine shop machinery, our machine that are build in Canada or USA .You could use them for 50,60 years or more.When it comes to quality… Read more »


How are you able to manage that? It’s pretty much impossible.


So much is Made in China because we consumers demand lower prices. Made in Canada or Product of Canada creates Liberal pollution, which is the basis for the Trudeau Climate Tax. Made in USA is our next best option until the Liberals get thrown out of Politics. It will be a joyous occasion to see them lose Party status, but Scheer had better start acting like a tough leader. Soft spoken Mr. Dimples just doesn’t cut it for me.

Eric Blair

I attended a meeting last night (Thursday) in Tsawwassen BC in which Andrew Scheer introduced a number of potential Conservative MPs for BC. Naturally Andrew spoke and I got to admit he is streets ahead of Trudeau in speak without notes. Not one ah, eh or um. I like Max and agree with lot of what he has to say but… we just have to get Trudeau gone. Scheer said that Trudeau sat in the PM seat in parliament for the last time when parliament rose for the summer. That got lots of applause and laughter. Lets make it so.

Tim Atchison

Here’s the perfect chance for CANADAINS to start Manifactoring plants in Canada and put on made in Canada with pride. But in reality we all know we’re CANADIAN PRIDE IS with this morning’s coffee down the toilet.

Michael G

Conservatives. Always looking for more obscure ways to take more money from average Canadians and give it to rich Canadians. Inspections are just another word for tariffs on imported goods.



Inspection are necesary by qualified people.I will give you another example.We were buying water pumps for GM engines.Some mechanis decided with our boss to buy these pumps.They looked the same,but we were loosing fan belts so we looked very closely and found that the pump was just a little longer so the pulley were out of line just a fractions.China does that just to by pass patent they produce just a fraction smaller or bigger.We went to the supplier to get information on that pump.we could not find nothing.Not even the capacity.Gallons of water per minut at a certain speed.The… Read more »


Victoria BC lost tons of tax payers money from low quality Chinese steel bought for the new bridge.

Buy Chinese junk at your own peril.


USA did not sell chemical compositins of its steel neither has Sweeden or Germany so Chinese steel is inferior to our.So where is the saving by buying junk steel.