In Open Letter, Cineplex CEO Takes Strong Stand For Canadian Free Expression

CEO Ellis Jacob stands behind decision to screen Unplanned, saying it’s up to customers whether they want to watch it or not.

While most Canadians believe in free expression, the far-left Liberal government has tried to rile up opposition to Cineplex showing the pro-life film ‘Unplanned.’

You would think that people governing a supposedly free country would be fine with a movie being played at a movie theatre.

Yet, Katie Telford tried to somehow tie Cineplex’s decision to ‘Conservative politicians,’ another example of the desperate Liberals reaching again to attack any Canadian who has a different opinion.

Following Telford’s lead, some far-left Liberals started criticizing Cineplex, probably expecting that the company would do what most corporations do when confronted with a few negative tweets: Give in to the ‘woke’ crowd.

Yet, Cineplex did the opposite, instead taking a courageous stand in support of free speech and free expression in Canada.

And now, Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob has made clear that the company will keep support the right of people to decide whether or not they want to watch a movie.

You can view the open letter below:

Cineplex Unplanned Decision Free Expression Canada

Cineplex and their CEO Ellis Jacob deserve lots of credit for this tough stand. They have set a good example of standing up for Canadian Values of free speech and free expression, and it’s great to see a company treat the Canadian People like adults for a change.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube