In Open Letter, Cineplex CEO Takes Strong Stand For Canadian Free Expression

CEO Ellis Jacob stands behind decision to screen Unplanned, saying it’s up to customers whether they want to watch it or not.

While most Canadians believe in free expression, the far-left Liberal government has tried to rile up opposition to Cineplex showing the pro-life film ‘Unplanned.’

You would think that people governing a supposedly free country would be fine with a movie being played at a movie theatre.

Yet, Katie Telford tried to somehow tie Cineplex’s decision to ‘Conservative politicians,’ another example of the desperate Liberals reaching again to attack any Canadian who has a different opinion.

Following Telford’s lead, some far-left Liberals started criticizing Cineplex, probably expecting that the company would do what most corporations do when confronted with a few negative tweets: Give in to the ‘woke’ crowd.

Yet, Cineplex did the opposite, instead taking a courageous stand in support of free speech and free expression in Canada.

And now, Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob has made clear that the company will keep support the right of people to decide whether or not they want to watch a movie.

You can view the open letter below:

Cineplex Unplanned Decision Free Expression Canada

Cineplex and their CEO Ellis Jacob deserve lots of credit for this tough stand. They have set a good example of standing up for Canadian Values of free speech and free expression, and it’s great to see a company treat the Canadian People like adults for a change.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thank you, Ellis Jacob. You are a breath of fresh air!

Lance Boyle

The Grits should toss Justin and replace him with Ellis.

William Jones

As it should be — the market will decide what is acceptable and what is not acceptable — that is how our open system of marketing has always let manufacturers and producers know the realities of their decisions — and it makes for a non-government interference need who will, in all likelihood, mess things up.


Finally, a CEO with principles and a spine. I hadn’t planned on viewing the film in question and probably still will not. But at least the choice is mine to make. A tip of the hat to Mr. Jacob. As a show of appreciation and support I will make an effort to attend some other Cineplex offering this weekend.

Lance Boyle

My thoughts exactly. Going to catch a couple of movies with my son that I would otherwise not have considered going to.


Thank you for reporting on this Spencer. This is refreshing in a climate where some peoples speech is more free than others.

Fred Dimmick

The Canadian Liberal / socialist / communist / left insist on controlling our lives from birth to death, much like the Borg from ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Big Brother from 1984’. “Resistance is Futile” – they are too stupid grasp the essential concept of individual self determination! OUR BIRTHRIGHT!
They must control us for the ‘Greater Good’, which of course only they are fit to decide what that is.

David MacKAY

How novel – teh Customer gets to make up their own mind
Now the public will just have to get past the SJW-Antifa Fascists and go see the movie.

David MacKAY

Is that sort of lie saying its p to the citizens if they want the immigrants or not?


They won’t get any applause from me. This movie opened in the United States in MARCH. We are only getting it now, and by his own admission, it’s only for a limited run. This means even if each showing is sold out it likely won’t be held over more than a few days. The Christian book store in Victoria is selling tickets for Monday and Wednesday only. The owner says tickets are going fast as word spreads around the Christian community. And I’d like to know why a pro life movie is “controversial” but the fact Canada has NO abortion… Read more »

old white guy

It sure must be tough to support not killing the unborn. jeez what an immoral society we have become when abortion is more import than life.

Karen Anderson

Well done Ellis Jacob for taking this stand,This shows you are a man of principle and that you believe in “Free Speech For All “

Ed Scharringa

Get rid of Trudeau and his nonsense gang ASAP.

Ed Scharringa

Thank you to Jacob Ellis. We need more corporations and individuals standing up against the absurdity of this present Liberal government

Allan Mclean

You can add the conservative party to that list as they had a gov’t for 10 years and Harper the so called Christian did nothing to limit or change abortion laws(lack thereof). there is no realistic alternative party that can or will change the present dynamic. What I see happening since we have decided as a culture to commit cultural genocide by killing our own children, God is bringing in a different culture(Muslim, Asian) who have lots of kids and once they have enough (muslims )will take over gov’t and all the progressive( what an oxymoron) ideas will be toast.… Read more »