Quebec Sides With Saskatchewan In Carbon Tax Court Fight

With a strong interest in defending provincial jurisdiction against the encroachment of federal power, Quebec will intervene on the side of the Saskatchewan government.

The Quebec government plans to intervene on the side of Saskatchewan, in the upcoming appeal to the Supreme Court on the validity of the Trudeau carbon tax.

In a statement, the Quebec government said “It is important for our government to intervene in this debate to ensure that Quebec can defend its position and that it is heard before the Supreme Court of Canada. The Government of Quebec has shown real leadership in implementing its own carbon exchange.”

Quebec has two main interests here:

First, to protect their own provincially-administered Cap & Trade system.

Second, to stand up for provincial autonomy against the encroachment of centralized government power.

So, while there have been strong differences between Western Canada and Quebec on the issue of pipelines, there is a shared desire to stop the Trudeau Liberals from imposing centralized government plans on unwilling provinces.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

This is a great news, that for once Quebec is partially seeing the needs of other provinces than that of it’s own. Quebec maybe, ironically the province that actually helps to end Trudeau’s quest for more permanent power over the provinces, rather than propping up the Trudeau Liberals. I said it before,this would be the thin end of the wedge when Trudeau brought in his carbon tax; imposing the federal government’s power in areas of provincial jurisdiction. Since Trudeau is deceitfully using climate change/ carbon tax as a strawman to deflect attention away from his desire to steal by stealth… Read more »