NEW TAX GRAB: Liberals Refuse To Tell Canadians How Much Secret Gas Tax Will Gouge Us

Just like with the carbon tax, the arrogant Liberals seek to take more of our tax dollars without any openness and transparency.

With revelations emerging that the Liberals are planning to impose a secret fuel tax on Canadians, the Trudeau government is refusing to say how much the tax will cost Canadians.

In a press conference to try and counter the damaging revelations, the Liberals tried to deflect and claim it’s not a tax.

Yet, as noted by the CP, the Liberals are refusing to say what it will cost Canadians:

“However, Fraser would not say how much the new standard might affect prices at the pumps.”

Additionally, “In April, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce said that a federal carbon price and a clean-fuels standard amounted to “double-dipping” by charging businesses twice for every tonne of emissions. The chamber estimated that by 2025, the clean-fuel standard would add 1.5 cents to a litre of gasoline and 3.7 cents for a litre of diesel. In a cost-benefit analysis released by Environment Canada in February, the department acknowledged the costs of implementing the standard would likely be passed on to consumers, households and industrial users. But the analysis did not suggest what that cost would be.”

By refusing to acknowledge the reality that this is clearly a new tax on fuel that will hit Canadian families and consumers who are already struggling, the Liberals are once again lying to the Canadian People.

On Twitter, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed the Liberals for refusing to be honest about the tax:

“If he’s re-elected in October, Justin Trudeau will raise your taxes again. He needs to come clean with Canadians and be honest about how much his #SecretFuelTax will cost you.”

Canadians are already overtaxed, and a new fuel tax will only make things worse. In fact, considering that a recent study showed the real inflation rate for many Canadians was closer to 10% than the 2% figure reported by the government, and considering that the inflation rate increase is largely driven by rising gas prices, then the new secret gas taxes is about the worst thing the government could be inflicting on us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube