The Trudeau PMO Is Spreading Disinformation Online

Yet we see once again that the ‘rules’ only apply to those who criticize the Trudeau government.

The Trudeau Liberals have made a big deal about their supposed ‘fight against disinformation.’

Of course, they’ve been using that as an excuse to crack down on social media and restrict the ability for their political opponents to get their message out.

We can see how deceptive and hypocritical the Liberals are being by the fact that some of their top level operatives are blatantly spreading disinformation online.

Consider this Tweet from Cameron Ahmad, the director of communications at the Trudeau PMO:

“When he was Prime Minister, Stephen Harper refused to meet with Premiers. His government froze funding for services like health care, childcare, & housing. He refused to work with provinces on climate change. His ministers disrespected Indigenous governments & communities.”


Harper didn’t meet with Premiers?

Then what’s this?

How about this?

And this?


Oh, what’s this?


It almost seems as if Harper met with Premiers.

And what about Ahmad’s claim that Harper froze funding for healthcare?

In fact, funding for healthcare grew by either 6% or 3% in every year of the Harper Government:

“Under the old formula for calculating the transfers, which fell to the former Harper government to renew, transfers got a six per cent bump each year. Under the updated formula, introduced in 2012, transfers would grow by six per cent through the 2016/17 fiscal year, after which they would increase by an amount tied to the growth rate of Canada’s gross domestic product — or, alternatively, by three per cent per year, if the economy performed poorly.

In other words, the transfers would still increase every year — but the rate at which they would was vulnerable to fluctuation.”

When it comes to “working with provinces on climate change,” the Liberals have zero credibility, considering the massive provincial backlash against the carbon tax they’re forcing on unwilling provinces.

And finally, perhaps Ahmed has forgotten that Trudeau is now less popular among Indigenous Canadians than Scheer, gets overwhelmingly negative job performance ratings from Indigenous Canadians, and arrogantly told an Indigenous protester worried about mercury contamination “thanks for your donation.”

It’s clear that the Liberals are spreading disinformation, which is supposedly against their own rules.

As Rachel Curran points out on Twitter, the Trudeau government is spreading “brazen lies:”

“All shameless, brazen lies – every single point. This is classic and deliberate #disinformation which should be addressed by the new election monitoring committee and social media platforms. Government officials must be held to a higher standard than internet trolls.”

So, will the Liberals hold themselves to their own standards?

Don’t hold your breath.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Libs are still stuck on the “Harper bad” track. Shows desperation really.


All Lieberals spread misinformation, they mostly always have, and all claim that the pretty honest Conservatives are attacking them, when they just have to say the truth which is why they had to take Canadians money and y out their own failing untruthful media. So anything media wise that the lieberal puppets don’t like is most likely just reporting the truth, the sad part is they will continue using our bought out media after they lose this next election unless as they are trying to do we will have another foreign fixed Canadian election. This is what happened in Venezuela,… Read more »


Everytime trudeau accuses the Harper government of failing of not doing anything for the last ten years even though PMSH won 2minority gov and a majority, is because he himself has done nothing in his 31/2 years in gov therefore he needs to put blame on the conservatives knowing full well the media would not correct him for his false information. Like Trudeau blamed canadians of genocide so he is blaming the past conservatives for his disaster to canada. I blame the media for allowing Trudeau to do as he pleases without warning the public and for that, the outcome… Read more »

William Jones

There was a time in history (not so distant history) that a Dr. Geobels discovered that propaganda served a distinct benefit for the ‘powers that be’ in that if repeated often enough, much of it would be believed by the ‘masses’ who it was directed to, thus bolstering the image of the ‘rulers.’ Perhaps the same is being attemted here for the same reasons?

Don Taylor

Trudeau has always been a liar and probably most of his cabinet ,that is why most Canadians can’t stand to see or hear him,he and his liberals are disgusting


If ‘political correctness’ had anything to do with truth
it wouldn’t be called political correctness.

Truth does not require an alias.

I prefer the term ‘political corruptness’.

Ken (Kulak)

Don’t hold your breath waiting for MSM to expose these lies.

Margaret lee

Isn’t disinformation basically lying!

old white guy

If not for lies the liberals would have nothing to say about anything.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has never , from the start of his term as PM, let the truth get in the way of an good old fashioned lie. Trudeau is extremely convinced and believes that lying is better and more effective than being honest or telling the truth. Justin Trudeau , with his lengthy and poor record of failures, broken promises, is reduced to that of just being an attacker of those who expose him and his record in office. Trudeau knows that with a record like his, running on it, would expose him to merciless attacks from everyone, even from within his… Read more »

William Jones

Truth, simply because it is the truth, has no acceptance to the Liberal mentality, now will it ever. I have often commented that: “If a Liberal is speaking, they are lying.” “If a Liberal is breathing, they are lying.” If a Liberal is sleeping, they are lying.” Lying is, to them, the truth — but only when it is something they want. Lying is so ingrained in their mindset that, to them, lying is simply ‘explaining the truth.’ It is hard to beat that combination with any type of logic and reason.