VIDEO: Merkel Shakes In Public Again

It’s the third time the concerning tremor has been observed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been seen shaking in public yet again.

The latest incident happened at an event on Wednesday.

You can view the video of Merkel shaking below:

“German Chancellor Merkel again seen shaking during a public event Wednesday, the third incident within a month.”

At this point, the questions will become unavoidable for the German leader.

Merkel’s staff had previously said she was dehydrated the first time the shaking was observed, then said she was ‘fine’ after the second incident.

Following the third incident, Merkel said she was “going through a processing phase” and that she is “fine” and “people don’t need to worry about me.”

Those explanations won’t suffice at this point.

Of course, if Merkel was a private citizen then her health would be nobody else’s business but her own. However, considering her status as a politician who holds a large degree of power, and considering that the shaking is quite a noticeable and now repeatedly-occurring issue, it is essential that the cause be revealed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter