WATCH: Doug Ford Slams Liberal Government As They Try Falsely Blaming Him For Bombardier Layoffs

Liberal government is “sitting on their hands” says Ontario Premier.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is fighting back after the federal Liberals try to blame him for the layoffs announced by Bombardier.

Liberal Labour Minister Patty Hajdu tried to blame Ford in earlier comments, despite the fact that the Liberals have repeatedly bailed out Bombardier without securing any protections whatsoever for Canadian workers.

At a press conference, Ford fired back against the false Liberal claims:

“They’ve been sitting on their hands. My message to the federal government is: ‘We put our money where our mouth is. Where is their money?'” said Ford.

Desperate & Deceptive Liberals

The Liberals are desperately trying to shift blame, as many Canadians ask why so much taxpayer money was given to Bombardier without any protection for Canadian workers.

The fact remains that the Liberals bailed out Bombardier without using any of their leverage, and Canadians have watched as our tax dollars went to give bonuses to Bombardier’s incompetent executives while Canadian jobs and Canadian assets were slashed.

Ford is right to be pushing back, and the deception and lies of the Liberals must be exposed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Does this even sound a little bit familiar across Canada , from Newfoundland to BcC and the pipeline Well we know the Liberals take on that . Justin has no trouble financing the UN or distant socialist country road projects , a Muslim country’s request for infrastructure monies , a fake Caribbean climate carbon investment , of funding anti oil/gas terrorism groups in Canada , or just giving away all the tax monies Canada has put aside to pay down his crazy spending habits , nope there’s no monies left for hydro projects , sewer and water projects , road… Read more »

Gerri Page

The Liberals are up to their dirty tricks and lies again and people are foolish enough to believe them.. Why aren’t there job layoffs in Quebec, eh! It’s not Ford’s fault and it is long overdue that Canadians smarten up because the generation these days are clueless and stupid and would vote Trudeau back in again and complain later.

Brian Dougan

Webster’s Dictionary ought to place Trudeau’s snarky face under the entry “hypocrisy.” Recall the Liberal hue and cry during the SNC Lavalin scandal: “Boo hoo! Prosecute Lavalin? Quebec jobs are at stake. Boo hoo.” Despite a huge bailout–Bombardier will lay off half of their ONTARIO employees? The worn out Liberal trick: Nothing is our fault. Blame it on [fill in the blank.]

Garlet Farlett

Big brew ha-ha about these jobs after their corporate bailout, but nothing from the feds on the 100k jobs lost in AB. Disgraceful.

Shawn Harris

Typical Trudeau, spend taxpayers money wildly and when things don’t work out, blame it on the province or provinces. By now it is painfully clear that Trudeau is into bribery big time, especially when it involves , votes, Quebec and Bombardier. Bombardier has always been a money pit, almost on the same level as a ponzi scheme. Bombardier like SNC Lavalin is a slush fund for Quebec Liberal votes. Bombardier is in business supposedly to make money, not beg for taxpayers money and since when should Ontario be held responsible for Bombardier’s financial incompetence. Trudeau gave our tax dollars to… Read more »