Anti-Pipeline Activist Running For Trudeau Liberals

Montreal candidate Steven Guilbeault opposes the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Trudeau Liberals are running an anti-pipeline activist as a candidate in the upcoming federal election in what will surely cause even more concern in Canada’s already struggling energy industry.

Steven Guilbeault will be running in the Laurier-Sainte-Marie riding, currently held by the NDP.

Guilbeault opposes the Trans Mountain pipeline, raising questions both about why the Liberals are running him as a candidate if they ‘claim’ to support the pipeline, and why Guilbeault is running for the party.

As a result, Guilbeault is getting criticized from across the political spectrum, as noted by the CP.

Gerard Deltell, Conservative MP from Quebec, told The Canadian Press earlier in the week that the Liberals represent the values Guilbeault once rejected.

“This man used to spend his life giving advice to everyone as an environmental activist and he’s now ready to make all the compromises to become a politician in the Liberal party.”

Some on the left now consider him a sellout:

“Outside the venue where Trudeau introduced Guilbeault, a handful of protesters held signs denouncing the Liberals and their stance on pipelines. Environmental activist Robert McBryde, 67, said Guilbeault used to inspire him.

Now, the 67-year-old says Guilbeault is a “sellout.”

“If you support something that betrays all of your principles it’s pointless,” he said about Guilbeault’s stance on pipelines.

“I can’t speak for the motivation of Mr. Guilbeault; I am just thoroughly disappointed in what he’s doing. I think it’s absurd.”

Of course, the fact that the Liberals are running Guilbeault as a candidate shows how – whatever they may claim – the Liberals are not friends of Canada’s energy industry, and can’t be trusted to stand up for Canadian oil and Canadian pipelines.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube