As Anti-Conservative Media Bias Increases, Liberals Take Lead In Mainstreet Research Poll

Expect a brutal fight to the finish as the Liberals and the media elites pile on the propaganda.

As we knew would happen, the establishment press and media elites are now turning their fire on the Conservatives, pushing increasingly biased demonizations of Conservative Canadians as the election approaches.

We could see that in the coverage of Andrew Scheer’s climate plan, which received far more scrutiny than Trudeau’s failed ‘plan’ did.

We’ve seen it in how the media basically repeats Liberal talking points word for word, and helps facilitate anti-Conservative far-left Liberal fearmongering.

Most recently, we saw it in the appallingly biased headline Global News used to report on Andrew Scheer’s response to the Liberals talking about conversion therapy.

And now, it’s having an impact in the polls.

A new Mainstreet Research poll matches the trend in other recent polls, showing the Conservatives either leading narrowly, tied, or narrowly trailing the Liberals.

According to the poll, the Conservatives are now at 33.2%, down 4.2% from the last Mainstreet survey. The Liberals are unchanged at 35%, giving them a narrow lead. The NDP and Greens are nearly tied, with 10.4% and 10.2% support respectively. The People’s Party is at 4.6%, while the Bloc is at 19.1% in Quebec.

The poll notes the Liberals leading in the East, as they are out in front in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario. The Conservatives lead in the West, dominating Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, and leading by 5% in BC.

You can read the full results of the Mainstreet Research poll here

There’s no doubt that the Trudeau Liberals have lost tons of popularity, and Trudeau’s image has been severely damaged by his repeated scandals and lies. As a result, the Liberals and their media cronies are focused on a strategy of tearing down Scheer and demonizing Conservatives, and that strategy is clearly having some success.

As we can see, Conservatives will never get a fair shake from the establishment press.

That’s why all truth-loving Canadians like us need to fight back as much as possible by sharing what’s really going on, and getting past the establishment media filter as much as we can.

Spencer Fernando


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