As Anti-Conservative Media Bias Increases, Liberals Take Lead In Mainstreet Research Poll

Expect a brutal fight to the finish as the Liberals and the media elites pile on the propaganda.

As we knew would happen, the establishment press and media elites are now turning their fire on the Conservatives, pushing increasingly biased demonizations of Conservative Canadians as the election approaches.

We could see that in the coverage of Andrew Scheer’s climate plan, which received far more scrutiny than Trudeau’s failed ‘plan’ did.

We’ve seen it in how the media basically repeats Liberal talking points word for word, and helps facilitate anti-Conservative far-left Liberal fearmongering.

Most recently, we saw it in the appallingly biased headline Global News used to report on Andrew Scheer’s response to the Liberals talking about conversion therapy.

And now, it’s having an impact in the polls.

A new Mainstreet Research poll matches the trend in other recent polls, showing the Conservatives either leading narrowly, tied, or narrowly trailing the Liberals.

According to the poll, the Conservatives are now at 33.2%, down 4.2% from the last Mainstreet survey. The Liberals are unchanged at 35%, giving them a narrow lead. The NDP and Greens are nearly tied, with 10.4% and 10.2% support respectively. The People’s Party is at 4.6%, while the Bloc is at 19.1% in Quebec.

The poll notes the Liberals leading in the East, as they are out in front in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario. The Conservatives lead in the West, dominating Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, and leading by 5% in BC.

You can read the full results of the Mainstreet Research poll here

There’s no doubt that the Trudeau Liberals have lost tons of popularity, and Trudeau’s image has been severely damaged by his repeated scandals and lies. As a result, the Liberals and their media cronies are focused on a strategy of tearing down Scheer and demonizing Conservatives, and that strategy is clearly having some success.

As we can see, Conservatives will never get a fair shake from the establishment press.

That’s why all truth-loving Canadians like us need to fight back as much as possible by sharing what’s really going on, and getting past the establishment media filter as much as we can.

Spencer Fernando


Spencer Fernando is pushing back against the biased establishment media. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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His biggest problem…
Easily to bait with non issues which makes him look stupid.
Keep his mouth shut and have others take the lead in questions of importance.


That is how they,LIEberals, never should have been elected in the first place by demonizing and lying and their foreign money and interference in Canada’s election. but hopefully as we saw in the last Ontario election these polls are also false. or bye bye Canada, hello post national elite state. I am still voting Conservative and we need a majority.


Why would the polls be anymore reliable than the “fake news” media?

Don Taylor

The Trudeau liberals are known for their propaganda ,only a complete Fool would vote for Trudeau and his many scandals and lies

Robert Abbott

Make no mistake we Canadians know and feel the effects of Trudeau and company corruption lying cheating and stealing. The majority of Liberal MP’S belong in prison. We the people are not blind to the media buyout and bias reporting. This will all be validated on Election Day and the destruction of the Liberal Party.

Brian Dougan

What further proof do we need? If this poll is accurate; Far too many voters still don’t “get it.” As some Americans would say; they need a slap “upside the head.” These foolish voters are taking us down with them. Trudeau’s toxic Liberal “government” needs to be mercilessly crushed in October. These past four interminable years have been a living nightmare. If there was any justice in this country–He and his band of like-minded idiots would have been forced out of office.


Ladies and gentlemen, his treatment of the mainstream media is paying off.

Garlet Farlett

You mean his paying off of the mainstream media is giving the conservatives the treatment.

Grant Payne Jr.

All bought and paid for fake polls to prop the wingnuts trying to get re-elected.

don morris

Yep, read this poll,and have to wonder IF it’s accurate as so many in the past have NOT been, BUT, if we accepted recent polls that showed the CPC in the lead, how can we not accept THIS poll that shows they no longer have the lead? Trudeau should be a lame duck at this point, he should be obviously on the way out, but the CPC has presented Canadian voters with a Leader that inspires NO ONE, and that may be their fatal flaw. It isn’t about the scandals and corruption so much as it’s about a charismatic Leader… Read more »