HYPOCRITES: Remember Way Back *Checks Notes* In March, 2019 When The Trudeau Liberals Rejected A Nationwide Conversion Therapy Ban?

Now, the Liberals are trying to use the issue to demonize Canadian Conservatives.

As I recently wrote about, Global News is being slammed for a headline misrepresenting Andrew Scheer on the issue of conversion therapy:

“A reasonable headline for the Global News article would have been “Scheer says Conservatives will stand up for LGBTQ Canadians following Liberal musing about conversion therapy ban”

But that’s not what Global News wrote.

Instead, they wrote “Andrew Scheer will ‘wait and see’ before taking stance on Liberal plan for conversion therapy ban.”

That’s totally misleading.

It’s as if it was written by the Liberal Party itself.

Global News did exactly what the Trudeau Liberal PMO would have wanted. They made it seem as if the Liberals actually have a real plan for a conversion therapy ban, and then they made it seem like Scheer isn’t against conversion therapy.”

Liberals opposed federal conversion therapy ban

But here’s something very ‘interesting’ about all of this.

It turns out, the Trudeau Liberals rejected the idea of a national conversion therapy ban in March of this year:

“The federal government has rejected a public effort to ban something that many Canadians may have assumed was already illegal.

“We’re disappointed that we don’t have legislation at this point,” says Alberta activist Devon Hargreaves. “But we will continue to advocate for those who don’t have a voice.”

Hargreaves, who works with the LGBTQ community, is talking about the controversial practice known as conversion therapy. It’s a widely discredited approach of trying to counsel someone who is gay into being straight, either through talk therapy, medication or a combination of the two.”

When a petition calling for a ban was presented, the Liberal rejected the idea of imposing a federal ban:

“On March 19, the government responded to it by saying that, “conversion therapies are immoral, painful, and do not reflect the values of our government or those of Canadians.”

But it added that the governance of conversion therapy is largely a provincial and territorial issue, since it is sometimes carried out by members of the health profession, and said the practice can be addressed through existing portions of the Criminal Code.

“Certain Criminal Code offences may apply to situations involving conversion therapy, depending upon the circumstances,” reads the federal government’s statement.

“For example, Criminal Code offences such as kidnapping, forcible confinement and assault may apply where a person is forcibly compelled to undergo conversion therapy … we continue to work with provincial and territorial governments to address these practices.”

So, the exact thing the Liberals claim to support is something they opposed.

In fact, it now looks like the Liberals purposely refused to issue a federal ban on conversion therapy so they could instead use the issue to attack the Conservatives and try to get votes. Sickening.

It’s absolutely disgusting and hypocritical.

What’s also disgusting is that the Global News article failed to focus on the fact that the Liberals rejected a federal conversion therapy ban, and instead went with the Trudeau PMO narrative in an attempt to demonize Scheer.

The Liberals and establishment press are now pushing clear disinformation in an attempt to influence the election, and all Canadians should be disturbed by the immense level of deception we are being subjected to.

You can help fight back by sharing this article and making more people aware of how hypocritical the Liberals are on this issue.

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer Fernando is pushing back against the biased establishment media. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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This is why I refuse to watch Global CTV abd CBC “news”, not to mention cfax radio in Victoria. It’s nothing but left wing propaganda.


Is there anything left to say? We have a dishonest ANTI Canadian, NON government., but the election is Oct. Vote for honesty, vote for Canada becoming stable again, But we must get Spencer’s words or the truth out.


This topic is really annoying and our party is starting to swagger to the left. This is completely against our believes and ideology and uses liberal tactics of catering to a very small minority of people. Allowing gender conversion therapy is sick and twsited in it’s own right but now telling me my party supports and is willing to pay for it is assuring my vote will be going to Bernie. Progressive conservative is starting to become similar to liberal foolishness and I cant understand why minority rights are so loud while the majority sits quite worried anything they say… Read more »

old white guy

You do know that gender conversion therapy is used to try and cure someone with gender dysphoria.

Richard lewis

Liberals have to go . They are so corrupt . Misinformed idiots . Plus the liberal press .


Unfortunately we are facing a Liberal minority in Oct. The Conservatives are driving votes to the Peoples Party splitting the vote to allow Liberals to run right up the middle.

old white guy

hypocrisy is considered a valuable trait by liberals.


I would still vote liberal over conservatives any day! I’d prefer to vote for Jack Layton, but since that’s not possible, Liberal it is. Conservatives can take a flying leap. I will never vote conservative again, unless they go back to being the party my father was once @ member of, and/or make Micheal Chong the party leader, then I MIGHT consider it a viable option.