“War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength”: At ‘Defend Media Freedom’ Conference, Big Sister Chrystia Freeland Tries Blocking Two Canadian Journalists From Asking Questions

Big Brother would be proud.

If you’re holding an event that’s described as being about ‘Defending Media Freedom,’ and if you’re virtue-signalling as a defender of ‘Media Freedom,’ what’s the one thing you probably shouldn’t do?

If you guessed “block media from asking questions,” you would be correct.

Yet, that’s exactly what Chrystia Freeland and the Foreign Affairs team did.

When reporters Andrew Lawton of the True North Centre, and Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel sought to ask Freeland a question, it appears that she tried to exclude them, only relenting when (to their credit) other reporters refused to hold a scrum unless Reid and Lawton were included:

“Reporters from CBC, CTV, Global, Globe and Mail and Al Jazeera refused to participate in a scrum with Chrystia Freeland if @SheilaGunnReid and I were not included. Our media colleagues stood firm, and Freeland’s office eventually let us all attend and ask a question each.”

“At the *Defend Media Freedom* conference @CanadaFP is telling Canadian journalists there is a limited number of spaces for us to interview Foreign Minister @”


“Update: @CanadaFP listed out 5-6 outlets and exlcuded at least two Canadian journalists. We refused to take part unless they allow all of us. They’re now looking for a bigger room. Oh the tension.”

“Well, we won. #defendmediafreedom”

It’s great the reporters did the right thing and ensured that Lawton and Reid got included. And yet, the fact that the media had to fight for access at an event called ‘Defend Media Freedom’ is absolutely absurd.

“Thank you Redmond. By holding the line, you and the other Canadian journalists made
@cafreeland let Sheila and Andrew in. Appalling that Freeland pulled this stunt at a conference allegedly about media freedom!”



This shows – as if we had any doubt – that when the elites talk about ‘media freedom,’ they’re only referring to the ‘freedom’ of the media to report the government narrative. The fact that Freeland and her office were willing to block two reporters from who might ask tough questions just goes to show the total doublespeak and hypocrisy of the entire ‘defend media freedom’ event.

Freeland and the government elites don’t support free speech, and they don’t support media freedom, and that was made perfectly clear by this disgraceful debacle.

It takes a certain level of brazen shamelessness to restrict media freedom at a media ‘freedom’ event, and Big Brother would be quite proud of Big Sister Chrystia Freeland.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Fear the left friends…


She is being prep to be our next PM…our Hillary Clinton of the North.


We haven’t had a particularly successful female leader yet.


Chrystia Freeland is NOT PM Material. This Country would NOT recuperate from another Corrupt Lying Liberal. God Forbid she is our next PM!

james isnor

Chrystia is having quite a week. Earlier in the week after blatant interference in foreign affairs by the disgraced but not discouraged John M she said it was ” inappropriate for any Canadian to be advising any foreign government on ways it ought or should not behave to secure any particular election outcome in Canada” Unless of course that interference comes from the Liberal Party ( current Government of Canada ).

David MacKAY

Blocking and attmiting to block others from the excercise of free speech seems to be a symptom of a Mental disorder.
Is the Mental Disorder known as Liberalism?

Shawn Harris

And Trudeau , Freeland and others call this progressive socialism. In the real Canada, we call it by the same name that George Orwell called it; 1984 a progressive socialists/communists dream world come true. Canadians would never have dreamed or believed that in 2015 Trudeau would become the monster he has morphed into. Using such open shamelessness and hypocritical language to virtue signal about media freedom and claiming to want to support it,while actually trying to shut it down. The liberal party under Trudeau has ceased to be a political party and are nothing more than far left communists, who… Read more »


1984 became a guidebook.

Kathy Vetere

I wish Tommy Robinson was there instead of prison for his journalistic reporting.


Good on the other Canadian media people there who actually stood up for the rights of their fellow journalist to be allowed to participate.

Shawn Harris

Maybe just maybe, there is actually some journalists left who actually still have decent morals and values. Also the same journalists who stood up and defended their fellow journalists, saw their future flash before their eyes and realised they could be next inline for the same love and warmth McKenna and Trudeau have shown these two journalists.

Ken (Kulak)

This incident gives us some idea what the progressive left will do if and when they think they can get away with it.

old white guy

Typical of liberal socialists. Freedom for me but not for thee.

Major Tom

Could we expect anything less in this socialist dictatorship?