Conservatives Seek CSIS Investigation Into Liberal John McCallum’s Disturbing China Interference Remarks

“This advice was partisan in nature and encouraged the government of China to take specific actions in order to influence Canada’s democratic process,” says Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt in letter.

The Conservatives are calling for CSIS to investigate the disturbing comments made by former Liberal Ambassador John McCallum, in which he sought to have China interfere in Canada’s upcoming federal election.

In a letter to the head of CSIS – David Vigneault – Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt and Public Safety Critic Pierre Paul-Hus said the remarks need to be looked into:

“This advice was partisan in nature and encouraged the government of China to take specific actions in order to influence Canada’s democratic process. This is highly inappropriate, for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is the fact the Government of China continues to arbitrarily detain two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, and has taken other hostile actions towards Canada,” the letter states.

“Canadians expect that the upcoming election will be conducted in a free and fair manner, and that any and all incidents of foreign interference will be fully investigated, with action taken to prevent said interference. We believe Mr. McCallum’s actions, as confirmed by his own public statements, deserve the utmost scrutiny of your agency,” Raitt and Paul-Hus added.

There must be an investigation

McCallum’s comments are appalling, as someone who is a part of Canada’s currently governing party and who was recently an ambassador is openly calling for a ruthless Communist State to interfere in our election.

This represents a serious threat to our country and our democracy, with the potential of undermining and manipulating our election and subverting our nation.

That’s why there must be an investigation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Remind me why the libs claim the educated party is superior?


Who is actually running our country? Is CSIS being run by Canadians now? It is looking even more like a predatory satrapy happening here in what was our Canada. CSIS has had many foreign influences reported over the years, but then the Conservatives should be aware of this? The RCMP can not seem to look at lieberal unethical behavior or follow where our tax dollars and debt are being moved around to or are they? Our Judiciary is now limited and being over thrown by the SJW foreign lieberals and of course the media is bought out, and we know… Read more »

Major Tom

Does the average Canadian know what CDN federal government departments are represented in Communist China including Beijing? They would be shocked!


It’s high time there was an investigation into McCallum’s comments. He’s either completely off his rocker or guilty of treason.

Brian Dougan

This is what Trudeau meant by “transparency.” They’re no longer trying to conceal their evil ways. Will CSIS investigate McCallum’s shenanigans? Sure–the day after his master is locked up for crimes against Canada. Ain’t gonna happen.


If garbage like this from the Liberals is done openly, what are they doing where it can’t be seen or heard? Their multi-billion dollar Liberal slush fund lets them hide as much as they want.

Open and transparent? Just another in a long list of Liberal lies.

Shawn Harris

Not only should there be an investigation about McCullum’s request for China to interfere with our national election, there has to be an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s criminal attempt to subvert justice by pressuring the then attorney general Jody Wilson Raybould during which he demanded that she change her already final decision to not help SNC lavalin avoid prosecution on fraud and bribery charges. These two cases represent just the tip of the political iceberg for the Trudeau government and the public demands justice be done. And lets not forget about the rigged Vice Admiral Mark Norman trial, that Trudeau… Read more »


Sounds like treason to me!

David MacKAY

When Trudeau cancelled the Northern Gateway Pipeline…
When Trudeau banned supertankers from Canadas west coast while allowing Super tankers on the East coast…
When Trdeau nationalized the Transmountain Pipeline to end the twining for Oil export
When Trudeau Ended future export pipeline building with NEW environmental restrictions
Thats when China knew that Trudeau killed the billions of dollars that China had invested into Canadian Oil.
And now it’s Blame McCALLUM for China’s Actions?


There are thousands of Canadians that risked their life to escape communist regime in Europe after the second world ward.I wander how they feel about Canada leaning to the left in other words Canada becoming sympathetic to communist China’s aspirations.