Defamation Lawsuit By Veteran Against Seamus O’Regan Can Proceed, Court Rules

O’Regan accused Veteran Sean Bruyea of lying. Except, Bruyea was telling the truth.

Seamus O’Regan is being sued.

Ontario’s top court ruled that Veterans’ Activist Sean Bruyea can move forward with his defamation lawsuit, reversing a decision by a small claims court that had blocked the suit from proceeding.

Bruyea, a Veteran himself, was accused by O’Regan of lying in his criticism of the so-called ‘Pension for Life’ brought in by the Liberals.

O’Regan – who was Veterans Affairs Minster at the time – even said Bruyea was ‘lying to suit his personal agenda,’ as noted by the CP.

However, Bruyea’s criticisms proved to be correct, and many wondered why – even if O’Regan disagreed with Bruyea – would a Veterans Affairs Minister go out of his way to personally target and attack a Canadian Veteran?

Now, the $25,000 lawsuit can proceed.

Bruyea spoke following the ruling:

“Bringing these technical motions in small claims court is frankly abusive and detracts from the real case at hand. A powerful government with endless resources should not be permitted to inundate individual Canadians with complex legal motions in order to avoid dealing with the merits of the defamation case.”

O’Regan has said he is looking into the ruling, issuing a statement where he claimed there were ‘difficult’ conversations with Veterans.

O’Regan was widely criticized while in the Veterans Affairs role, as he often seemed totally out-to-lunch and oblivious to the realities of the file he was tasked with.

At one point, he appallingly compared leaving journalism to the struggles faced by Veterans leaving the military.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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O’Regan has always been a loser. It is hard to imagine him being er-elected.


Brave Sean Bruyea still having to fight for his country against this puppet government. Canadians should be gathering and standing behind this wonderful man, doing this for Canada’s Military, I pray he takes this Seamus O’Regan down and the rest of the lying anti Canadian divisive Lieberals. Support our CANADIAN Military and our Veterans, as they are there to support and protect Canada. GO Sean Bruyea and win please.

alan skelhorne

typical liberal bs. this whole party should be removed right away from Canadians. I do believe Trudeau wants a civil war to break out. but I don,t think he realizes one thing. he will be the first one the people will go after, soros told him this will happen, and by the way its going, soros is getting his way. the puppet is delivering.

Shawn Harris

It must be a prerequisite of all Trudeau cabinet ministers, never admit to be wrong, never admit to being a liar, never accept responsibility for your actions and most definitely, when challenged or accused , blame someone else, especially the conservatives. Such pride, vanity, sanctimonious self righteousness and false virtuousness, that flows down from the mouth of Trudeau and his cabinet ministers. I guess it must to painful or asking too much of Trudeau and his cabinet ministers to just admit their guilt, apologise and ask for forgiveness; but being proud stubborn and just plain arrogant, Trudeau and his cabinet… Read more »

Thomas Tass

Yet another oh oh moment of the Liberal clowns in Ottawa.


I’m almost sorry to see October come. No longer able to go to the liberal circus every day