More Disinformation: Trudeau Says National Unity Is Not Threatened, Despite Polls Showing The Opposite

Why does Trudeau keep lying to the Canadian People?

Speaking in Edmonton, Justin Trudeau once again lied to Canadians.

Trudeau claimed that there’s no threat to national unity:

“Conservative politicians are choosing to play a high degree of politics, including bringing up threats to national unity, which we categorically reject.”

That is deceptive and dishonest on multiple levels.

First, Trudeau’s policies, like the carbon tax, C-48, and C-69, have caused massive anger in the West.

Second, Trudeau is then trying to pin the blame for that anger on those reacting to it, the equivalent to punching someone in the face and then blaming them for getting upset.

Third, Trudeau is lying when he says there’s no threat to national unity. Numerous surveys show rising support for separatism in Western Canada. An Angus-Reid poll shows 60% of Albertans in favour of their province joining a Western Separatist movement, while 53% of Saskatchewan residents feel the same.

So, with the majority of people in two provinces expressing support for a separatist movement, it is clear that Canada has a national unity crisis.

Once again, we see Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government spreading disinformation and lying to the Canadian People. They claim some sort of moral high-ground, as if they get to tell social media companies to block ‘disinformation’ and ‘fake news,’ yet it’s the Trudeau government spreading the most disinformation and fake news of anybody.

With Canadian national unity faltering under the Trudeau Liberals, it is more essential than ever that we fight back against the lies of the government and stand up for Western Canada and all Canadians who are being treated so badly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With the anti-Conservative bias in the media reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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I am beyond DONE with this lying psychopathic desperate power hungry wuss. Every time he opens his water-box mouth, or shakes his groping skinny finger at us….he LIES! He has no remorse, no conscience, he’s a fake, a traitor, a shallow narcissistic con. What’s even more flabbergasting to Canadians is that he actually is so CLUELESS, he believes he’s liked. He isn’t. We can barely tolerate this creep. Let’s bring sanity back to our lives in October! Please!

Richard lewis

I agree and i live in ontario


before October he isn’t working out non confidence vote and get rid of him that can happen in a few months

alan skelhorne

some Canadians just don,t have a clue when it comes to the big picture.


BRAVO Elizabeth!

Ron Shaw

Justin’s lies , untruthful propaganda , disloyalties to western Canadians and his attempts to purposely break up confederation has become crystal clear . He is not to be trusted with not even one dollar of our tax monies . Justin will go down in history as the people-person responsible for Canada’s breakup . If he promises another pipeline he’s lieing again , what good is a pipeline that westerners don’t own , or even if built what good would it do if freighters can’t leave BC ports . What good is a pipeline that has been stolen from Albertans and… Read more »

del monte

High Treason.


Trust in the Dear Leader! He will tell you what to believe! Fear the left people.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s constant lying, deceiving and pitting one part of Canada against another , is what has lead to this new high level threat of disunity and calls for separation by the western provinces. It is both ironic and consistent that every time Canada is under the threat from separatism,a Trudeau can be found to be at the centre of the threat from separatists. Also just before the last election, Trudeau said , and it was reported in the news, ” that if he didn’t win the 2015 election, he would support Quebec separating from Canada”. Trudeau can never be taken… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

Well and perfectly said.


If the SoyBoy believes that there isn’t a anger and distrust brewing in Western Canada he’s living in LaLa land. If him and his lieberals win a minority or heaven forbid a majority government the next move will be an separation of Alberta and Saskatchewan from this con job of a federation

William Jones

“Why does Trudeau keep lying to the Canadian public?” Why would he not? He is a consummate liar at the best of times, so there is no compelling reason for him to alter that norm. Besides, he wouldn’t know what to say if he was not liying.


He cannot possibly run on his record, and with the election coming up, it is all he has, He said he will not run a smear campaign, but that is exactly what he is doing….they must believe that by lying and smearing Cons and Scheer they can pull it off….not going to happen.

David MacKAY

It is a sort of an unwritten rule that when people are incapable of telling the truth, people such as Justin Trudeau, those types of people will always lie. It is a compulsion really…they think their ability to lie is a gift and they keep on giving.


“Conservative politicians are choosing to play a high degree of politics,
including bringing up threats to national unity, which we categorically reject.”

Did Trudeau say “unity”? What happened to “diversity is our strength”?
But then again when he says “diversity is our strength” it makes you wonder
if he doesn’t mean “divide and conquer”.

All those working folk behind him sure look like they don’t want to be there.
He should have dressed up some of his drama students in coveralls; they
probably would have smiled.

Randy Holmgren

We all know and saw the evidence accompanied by a photo of Justin’s father on a train giving Canadians the “BIRD”. I find myself thinking Justin has been doing the same and worse to Canadians even before he took office and continues to do so. His carbon tax increases to grow with no relief for Canadians, just telling us all to suck it up. The MP’S need there wage increase’s and early ballooned pensions while Canadian pensioners and Veterans without the necessities that they need to just live a decent life after all the years of paying taxes to keep… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

The guys in behind Justin are made up to look like construction workers. But I’d bet they aren’t, I’d bet they were just given a costume to wear. No self respecting construction worker would bee seen on the same block as Justin is.

old white guy

The only thing Canadians are united in is the headlong rush into socialism and the destruction of freedom and the economy. Yep, Canadians are in favour of that, over 60% of them.


The People have to unify to implement our own provincial Direct Peoples Democracy that Rules Over themselves in their respective provinces!


…and so on down the line to each community Ruling themselves!

del monte

I swear his nose is bigger, and crooked like “you know who”.