More Disinformation: Trudeau Says National Unity Is Not Threatened, Despite Polls Showing The Opposite

Why does Trudeau keep lying to the Canadian People?

Speaking in Edmonton, Justin Trudeau once again lied to Canadians.

Trudeau claimed that there’s no threat to national unity:

“Conservative politicians are choosing to play a high degree of politics, including bringing up threats to national unity, which we categorically reject.”

That is deceptive and dishonest on multiple levels.

First, Trudeau’s policies, like the carbon tax, C-48, and C-69, have caused massive anger in the West.

Second, Trudeau is then trying to pin the blame for that anger on those reacting to it, the equivalent to punching someone in the face and then blaming them for getting upset.

Third, Trudeau is lying when he says there’s no threat to national unity. Numerous surveys show rising support for separatism in Western Canada. An Angus-Reid poll shows 60% of Albertans in favour of their province joining a Western Separatist movement, while 53% of Saskatchewan residents feel the same.

So, with the majority of people in two provinces expressing support for a separatist movement, it is clear that Canada has a national unity crisis.

Once again, we see Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government spreading disinformation and lying to the Canadian People. They claim some sort of moral high-ground, as if they get to tell social media companies to block ‘disinformation’ and ‘fake news,’ yet it’s the Trudeau government spreading the most disinformation and fake news of anybody.

With Canadian national unity faltering under the Trudeau Liberals, it is more essential than ever that we fight back against the lies of the government and stand up for Western Canada and all Canadians who are being treated so badly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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