WATCH: Amazing Video Says “Canada Is Done Apologizing” For Our Energy Industry

“We are Canadian Energy, and we are proud.”

With foreign-funded enemies of Canada doing everything they can to destroy our energy industry, more and more people are pushing back.

In an amazing new video put together by Patriotic Canadians supporters of our energy industry, the truth about Canadian energy is well-explained.

The video discusses efforts the industry has taken to support the environment, and exposes the hypocritical attitude of the anti-Canadian elites who are trying to demonize Canadian energy.

The video points out that the world needs more Canadian energy, and states “We are Canadian Energy, and we are proud.”

You can watch the video below:

If you agree that Canada is done apologizing for our energy, share this post to help spread the video far and wide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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HOOORAY …yes done apologizing …my own question from a long time ago …WHY ARE WE SORRY ????? That is a Trudeau mania creation …




Great Video and So Truthful! Our Energy Industry is Supporting the Environment like Never Before, and at the Same Time Making ALL Canadians More Prosperous, Building Hospitals, Building Schools, Repairing and Building New Roads and Infrastructure, More Employment, thus Resulting in Better Lives for ALL Canadian Families! YES, We are VERY PROUD of Our Energy Industry!

Shawn Harris

This video is a powerful answer to all of those who say Canada’s oil and gas industry is dirty and want to destroy it by protesting,lying and slandering Canadians who work hard every single day to provide for Canada’s energy needs, including the protestors . Our oil industry has the highest standards for clean oil production and safety. That”s not something that can be said about those countries these very same foreign funded professional protestors refuse to go to and do to them what they are trying to do to Canada and Canadians. This video also puts the lie to… Read more »


Why are these cowards not going to Saudi Arabia or Nigeria to protest? Why are they not in China, demanding they shut down the hundreds of coal power plants? Are they afraid they will be thrown in prison or executed? Cowards.

Where is their demand to shut down the oil in California from wells right in the cities. The dirtiest oil in the world? The La Brae Tar Pits didn’t come from a small oil spill, it has been oozing and leaking that filth for centuries. Not a word. Liberal cowards.


That is a wonderful video, thank you.