DISTURBING: Chinese Researcher & Students Removed From Canada’s Only Level 4 Virology Lab (Where Ebola & Deadly Pathogens Are Held) After Possible “Policy Breach”

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, Keding Cheng, and some students from China were kicked out of the lab.

In what is a very disturbing revelation, it has been revealed that Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng, and some students from China, were removed from Canada’s Level 4 virology lab in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The lab is Canada’s only level 4 virology lab, where the most deadly diseases are held and analyzed. Among the diseases held at the lab is the deadly Ebola virus.

According to CBC, “Security access for the couple and the Chinese students was revoked, according to sources who work at the lab and do not want to be identified because they fear consequences for speaking out. Sources say this comes several months after IT specialists for the NML entered Qiu’s office after-hours and replaced her computer. Her regular trips to China also started being denied.”

The RCMP is investigating.

Staff have reportedly been told not to communicate with Qui and the others who were removed.

Qui has connections with the university in Tianjin, China. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Manitoba.

According to the report, the RCMP says there is no threat to the public:

“Based on information received to date, the RCMP has assessed that there is no threat to public safety at this time,” Robert Cyrenne said in an email to CBC News on Thursday. PHAC is describing it as a policy breach and “administrative matter” and says the department is taking steps to “resolve it expeditiously,” Eric Morrissette, the health agency’s chief of media relations, said from Ottawa.”

The authorities say nobody has been arrested at this time.

Of course, many will be wondering why Qui’s trips to China were blocked, and just exactly what’s going on here.

National security threat?

According to an expert on the issue, this could be a national security, including the possibility of intellectual property theft – something Communist China is notorious for:

“The National Microbiology Laboratory would have some pretty sensitive biological research material that … could be shared either with or without authorization with foreign countries,” said Gordon Houlden, director of the University of Alberta’s China Institute. “All of this is unproven, but even microbiology, sometimes especially microbiology, can have issues that involve national security.”

The report indicates that the United States is also investigating Chinese researchers within their country, over concerns of intellectual property theft and security concerns.

All of this is happening as Communist China continues to escalate their aggression and mistreatment of our nation, and many will see this as being another way in which China may be attempting to take advantage of and subvert Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I for one always feel relieved and safe when the Rcmp and our wonderful liberal government, especially Goodale, tell us there is no threat to the public.


As Canada sets up 5G……


And unfortunately the majority of Canadians in Ontario and Quebec and the East Coast will probably re-elect the utterly useless, incompetent, little boy trudeau, the most dangerous human being in Canada. Canada is circling the drain. I for one, do not hold out any hope for Canada if this fascist and his goon squad is re-elected.
He hasn’t got the balls or the backbone to kick China and all things affiliated with China out of Canada and back to China where they belong.


I do not know why we cater so much to these Chinese students.China is making sure Canada does go up but down.China is influencing these young minds to help China not Canada.Canada is becoming and more third world country.Some of these people don’t think that English and French are official languages.Their language s more important.They don’t even bother to speak English anymore.That is how they respect Canadian people.


It is all about the money. That is the only language chinese understand.


Apparently diversity isn’t quite the strength that Justin Trudeau would have us believe it is.

Steve Richards

Why was she and her husband and maybe even the students not arrested ? Sure sounds like something nefarious was going on doesn’t it. Oh I forgot, the spinless, jellyfish like currupt Libranos are in charge, that’s why. Three Canadians being held in China for absolutely no reason(I assume) and then you have some Chinese doing evil deeds here but why arrest them………….

Keith Hehn

China isn’t as much of a threat as Trudeau and Company

John Connor

Now we have the Coronavirus outbreak? Conincidence? The Coronavirus has similarities to the HIV/AIDs virus.