Trudeau Says He’ll Gain Seats In Alberta. The Facts Say He’s Wrong.

Very wrong.

Speaking to some of the few remaining Liberal supporters in Alberta, Justin Trudeau made this claim:

“We are going to, not just bring back our MPs, but bring back more MPs to Ottawa.”

Yeah… good luck with that bro.

This is another example of Trudeau being delusional, as the polls show the exact opposite of what he claims.

In 2015, the Conservatives won 59.5% of the vote in Alberta, compared to the Liberals at 24.6%. That translated into 29 Conservative seats, and 4 Liberal seats.

Now, according to Eric Grenier’s poll tracker which aggregates multiple polls for a larger sample size, the Conservatives are at 59.7% in Alberta, while the Liberals have fallen to 18.5%.

Based on those results, Grenier predicts the Conservatives will win between 29-34 seats, leaving the Liberals between 0-3 seats.

So, even in the current best-case scenario for the Liberals, they would lose one seat, and face the risk of losing all of their Alberta MPs.

And everybody knows that the Trudeau Liberals have lost lots of support in Alberta. Trudeau’s ‘grand-bargain’ on pipelines turned out to be a fraud, as he’s imposing a carbon tax, crippling the energy industry with C-48 & C-69, and enabling foreign-funded enemies of Canadian energy, while the promised ‘easy path to pipelines’ has failed to emerge.

Trudeau is clearly trying to put a positive spin on the Liberals’ collapsing support in Western Canada, but this is yet another example of Justin Trudeau lying, making things up, and acting like a totally delusional person who has become disconnected with reality.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What a joke of a PM. Disgraceful for the PMO office and the country.


I really hope that I am delusional about this next election, but we have seen how biased and corrupt the all the lefties/righties are, what other secret fixes to this election are they planning. If the Conservatives do not win and we have yet another laurentian elite foreign run government we know the election was fixed/rigged again and even more so than the last election. Many true lieberals have realized how bad Canada’s politics debt and laws have been corrupted. many say they will vote Conservative, even newcomers to Canada realize what is happening to their new country.


It’s fixed no matter who wins. If they disqualify Bernier from the debates I will toss my ballot. I will not participate in this sham.

Thomas Tass

Delusional. Period.

james isnor

Do you really think PMO cares about seats in the west. Ont and Que elect our Federal Government the West be damned. You can bet if all his sneaky tactics and hollow promises get him elected again he will make sure he and his climate illusionists will finish the job.


Picture looks like Trudeau needs a carrot to say…. Biddia,biddia,biddia What’s up Doc?
(Bugs Bunny)


Votes from Albertans? No chance sunny boy. The cowboy hat is not going to help you.


Since no reporter or organizations are not campaigning or asking Trudeau severe questions pertaining to his lack of Interest and abuse of power accusing premiere jason Kenney and Rob Ford for his(trudeau’s) own disaster to our oil sands and pipelines, he thinks he is doing a super job.
Trudeau needs to be brought down from his rafters to reality but, so far, he continues getting praises, applauses.
We can’t have it both ways.

Shawn Harris

I would consider Trudeau’s words about gaining seats in Alberta to be joke , if it wasn’t so sad to see just how much he is wrapped up in his own bubble world of progressive socialist politics, where nothing and no one can ever bring him down to defeat. One could say that,since no one in Alberta believes a word he says, then he has to convince himself that his delusion of winning more seats, is credible and believable, even to those few remaining Liberals, where ever they are hiding in Alberta. Lets just hope and pray that what happens… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Re Spencer’s headline photo: Turdo had actually intended to raise his middle finger. This guy has a lot of nerve appearing in Alberta. What a doofus.

Richard Courtemanche

No dice, Albertan voters. Fool once, not twice.


Like that white Stetson hat is going to win him votes! Prime Minister Dress Up again.

don morris

No,Trudeau isn’t delusional. What else would anyone expect him to say? Negativism is the kiss of death in politics,so any pol will remain tenaciously upbeat until the day he loses at the only poll that counts. Even then, most of them try to put on a brave face.
It’s a sad commentary on the common sense of Albertans when the LPC can be expected to win ANY seats in Alberta,given LPC contempt for that Province since forever.

Let’s hope Trudeau and the LPC win NO seats in Alberta in October.

David MacKAY

So in other words Trudeau s saying the liberals will use voter fraud at the polls to win seats in Alberta.

Geoff Hill

“acting like a totally delusional person who has become disconnected with reality.”

Rae Farrell

Time for Alberta, Saskatchewan, our local Indigenous people’s, and the NWT to leave Confederation. Having the NWT and all Indigenous people’s who live within our new countries boundaries having an equal voice in our New Governments Parliament will insure we can get our products to a deep water port which we will build on the shores of the Beaufort Sea. Our borders will be highly guarded especially on the BC side. Any and all products shipped by rail or road will be taxed if BC wants to move any of their products east effectively cutting BC off from the rest… Read more »

William Jones

I, for one, would be surprised if ‘he’ was able to garner any seats in Alberta, although there are always the ‘die-hards’ who just hang on to the bitter end.

barn E. rubble

Keep in mind, he also believes he can control the weather.


Spencer your journalism is exceptional.