Scheer Slams Trudeau After US Imposes More ‘Buy America’ Restrictions

Conservative Leader says PM should have gotten an exemption for Canada.

Following news that the Trump Administration will be upping their ‘Buy America’ rules, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is slamming Justin Trudeau.

The new restrictions mean that any product designated as ‘Made in America’ must have 75% US components. Previously, that number was 50%.

Additional rules now require that any public contract must use 95% US Steel and US Iron.

In a statement, the head of the Canadian Steel Producers Association – Catherine Cobden – expressed concerns:

“The existing Buy America provisions are already having a negative impact on Canada’s steel industry. Today’s announcement to require 95 per cent U.S.-made steel further adds to these challenges and fails to recognize the integrated nature of our North American economy. These types of trade barriers do not have a place between two nations that have a relationship founded on fair and free trade.”

Following the news of the increasing restrictions, Andrew Scheer pointed out that Trudeau failed to get an exemption for Canada:

“After surrendering so much to Trump during the NAFTA negotiations Trudeau failed to get Canada an exemption from the Buy American rules. Canadians are paying for his mistakes.”

Scheer is noting something many have pointed out: Despite talking tough and talking a big game against Trump, the Trudeau government failed to get much for Canada, and ending signing an agreement that featured mostly unilateral concessions on the part of our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Big Priest'

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a strong proponent of Buy American. America has many superior products, from satellite tv, to vehicles, and, the pure and simple fact, that cars that are made in America, specifically Detroit, home town, are also dramatically cheaper than they are in Canada. And yet, year after year, brain washed Canadians continue to be fleeced, trapped by this government, and automotive sector. Canadians who live in border cities, have the god damn right to purchase American made cars, and save thousands of dollars, in comparison to being price gouged in Canada. And for some… Read more »

Moe S.

The U.S. Steel Corp in Alabama is adding 1.6 million tons of steelmaking capacity. Nucor Corp. and Steel Dynamics also building and restarting U.S. mills since tariffs on imported steel raised steel prices. The reality is all Canadian transit contracts with the U.S. i.e., buses, trains, rail cars, etc; can’t be made with Canadian steel and then sold to the U.S. thanks to Federal Min. Chrystia Freeland’s stupidity during the NAFTA negotiations.


It’s doubtful that Trudeau has the influence needed to make the Americans change their minds.

Paul Chabidon

Spencer I was hoping you could tell the story of exactly how Trudope muffed the NAFTA negotiations. ln the beginning Trump had assured us that we weren’t his big concern that he thought things were pretty good between Canada and the US. Which emboldened Trudope and his team of Twits to beak off for political points with grandstanding and such. Considering how important that negotiation was with so many Canadians that count on trade with the US for their livelihoods, those cheap political points were very costly. If you could highlight Christia Freelands role winning awards for dealing with a… Read more »

David MacKAY

Sounds more Mr. Stupid sent Stupid negotiators to the NAFTA trade talks – Wake up only three weeks ago Trudeau and company were lamenting the fact that the US congress had not ratified the NAFTA treaty – Trudeau was upset. That’s why he is known as “Mr. Stupid”. Trudeau wants it ratified so he can say “Look what the Americans did to us” When it is really “Look what Trudeau did to Canadians”!