With Canada Increasingly Divided, Opposing China’s Brutality & Aggression Can Bring Us Together

Our leaders must make the most of this opportunity, stop dividing Canadians, and bring us together to face this threat.

I recently spoke with someone on the opposite end of the political spectrum, somebody who I probably disagree with on 90% of Canadian political issues.

Yet, as the discussion turned to China, and the continued aggression China is showing towards Canada, it was amazing how widespread our agreement was.

We agreed that China is governed by values totally against the freedom that Canadians value. We agreed that we should reduce our economic dependence on China, and we agreed that China’s treatment of Canada has been totally unacceptable.

What I noticed was that the actions of China’s government, whether it’s putting millions of innocent Muslim citizens in concentration camps, their brutal ‘social credit’ system (aka digital Stalinism), their kidnapping of Canadian citizens, their economic attacks, and the overall anti-democratic brutality of China is so far outside anything that any Canadian would find acceptable that it really clarifies our own values as Canadians.

The fact is, that Canadians on the right, the left, and the centre all share far more in common with each other in terms of our beliefs than we would have in common with the unbridgeable gulf of China’s ruthless ruling elite.

This is incredibly important, because this potentially unifying contrast between Canada and China is happening at a time when Canada is increasingly divided.

A big part of that divide is due to the actions of the Trudeau government, who are totally squandering this chance to bring Canadians together.

Consider that Justin Trudeau hasn’t given a speech to the nation on imprisoned Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, or on the broader conflict between Canada and China.

Instead, Trudeau’s top staff are trying to scare people about a pro-life movie been screened at a few theatres.

Rather than bringing Canadians together in our opposition to China, the Trudeau government is further dividing us.

However, the short-sightedness of the Trudeau government shouldn’t cause us to ignore the fact that Canada has the potential to transcend many of our divisions.

Often, it is easier to see what you stand for by seeing what you stand against, and the brutality we see from the government of Communist China is something the vast majority of Canadians oppose.

That opposition can be the glue that binds our nation back together, reminding us of the values of individual freedom, religious freedom, free expression, and free speech that form the core of Western Civilization, upon which our nation is based. Canadians fought and died for those values, and we need to stand together as Canadians – from across the political spectrum – and defend those values once more.

Spencer Fernando


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