Another Poll Shows Conservatives In The Lead As Liberals Lag Behind 2015 Results

Both Ipsos and Angus Reid polls show the Conservatives holding a solid lead.

Earlier in the week, an Angus Reid poll showed the Conservatives with a solid 8 point lead over the Liberals federally.

Now, a new Ipsos poll shows a similar gap.

The poll puts the Conservatives in first with 37%, while the Liberals trail with 31%. The numbers for the NDP and Greens contradict some other polls which have shown the Greens closing in on third place. The Ipsos poll gives the NDP 18%, while the Greens have 7%.

The Bloc – running only in Quebec – is at 5%, while the People’s Party is at 1% nationwide.

Here are the regional numbers:

BC – Conservatives 38%, Liberals 28%, Greens 19%, NDP 18%

Alberta – Conservatives 55%, Liberals 24%, NDP 15%, Greens 4%, People’s Party 3%

Saskatchewan & Manitoba – Conservatives 40%, Liberals 31%, NDP 16%, Greens 13%

Ontario – Conservatives 38%, Liberals 32%, NDP 22%, Greens 5%, People’s Party 1%

Quebec – Liberals 37%, Conservatives 24%, Bloc 22%, NDP 10%, Greens 4%, People’s Party 1%

Atlantic Canada – Conservatives 44%, Liberals 28%, NDP 20%, Greens 8%

Notably – and in a finding that contradicts almost every other poll – the Conservatives are more popular among women than among men. Among women, the Conservatives are at 39% compared to the Liberals at 29%.

Among men, the Conservatives are at 35%, while the Liberals are at 33%. Almost every other poll – both recent and in the past – has shown the Conservatives are more popular among men than among women, so we will need to see if future polls replicate this finding.

The poll also shows the Conservatives leading the Liberals among people aged 18-34, with 30% to the Liberals at 28%. The vote in the younger demographic is more fragmented, with the NDP at 24% and the Greens at 11%.

Among people aged 35-54, the Liberals lead with 37%, and the Conservatives have 31%.

Among Canadians age 55 and above, the Conservatives dominate with 47%, while the Liberals are far back at 29%.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Lib ship sinking fast! Great news!


I Hope it Tanks NOW!


” 2015 results ” ? or is it 2015 people polled? LOL but I wish Mr Harper had still been our PM, we certainly would not be in the mess we are in at present, Canada would be doing way better with way less debt and we could again be proud of our great country. So now when the Conservatives and Scheer get elected they have a huge mess to clean up including replacing all these “pretend non partisan SJW lieberals” federal workers, Senate,RCMP heads, Judges, etc.. so Conservatives can function, never mind the billowing debt and badly functioning laws… Read more »


Nancy W, I would not have a problem with Canadians Voting “Right”. Voting “Left” is a Very Scary Thought and would Definitely Result in DISASTER. Canada would be Finished!

William Jones

The re is hope — at last — let’s hope this trend continues — or improves — from now through the election in October. Canada may yet be saved — or salvaged.


If conservatives win we’re screwed they have control of Ontario BC and all of Canada so expect marijuana to be taken off the shelves except a lot of cuts and you’ll see Enterprises in corporations

Shawn Harris

This is excellent news for the Conservatives and all Canadians that want a true democracy that respects us, our rights and freedoms. And doesn’t treat us with contempt and condescend down to us like we are stupid children. Amazing, even in the heat of summer voters are saying enough of Trudeau, he has to go.


Awesome news! Tic Toc libtards

Koach Kal

Angus Reid and Ipsos are not biased towards the Liberals like Abacus and Nanos …

Pouya Tavakoli

A bit of good news! Two points: First, shockingly, despite all corruptions, dictatorship and crimes committed by Trudeau government and the clear economic stagnation of Canada and Canadian families, the Liberal Party is still in lead in the French-minded post-modern socialist province of Quebec (of course, Atlantic Canada doesn’t seem that better)! But, strangely and quite unfairly, Quebec has managed to have 78 seats in the House of Commons (by comparison, the province of Alberta with similar GDP and economic output, has only 34 seats)! My second point is that in all surveys that I have been following, it has… Read more »