Conservatives Slam Trudeau For “Backing Down To Donald Trump”

Say farmers are still waiting for promised help.

The Federal Conservatives are slamming Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

On Twitter, the Conservatives said “after backing down to Donald Trump on virtually everything during NAFTA negotiations, Trudeau promised Canadian farmers they’d be compensated for his giveaways. Almost a year later, our farmers are still waiting.”

The Conservative Tweet is part of their ‘Justin Trudeau’s 100 Days, 100 Fails’ campaign, in which they countdown the days to the upcoming election with a daily Trudeau fail.

Trudeau is now facing even more blowback when it comes to trade negotiations, as the US has imposed even tougher ‘Buy America’ restrictions which could hurt the Canadian steel industry and Canadian manufacturers.

Many are shocked that Trudeau and Freeland failed to get an exemption for Canada from the Buy America program, yet another example of how the Trudeau Liberals fail to show even an ounce of strength when it really counts.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Michael F Ryan

Canadian voters don’t care. He has cool socks.

Margaret Smith

Please don’t speak for voters. We are not all Trudeau supporters. Personally I don’t understand how he got elected in the first place. With the shape Canada is in now, it is obvious he knows nothing about politics let alone how to govern a country and do what’s best for its people. We are suffering with him at the helm and god forbid should he be re elected we are doomed.


The Liberal government is loyal to the UN and stands strong in their plan to destroy the Economy. So easy to not negotiate with Trump when your goal is to collapse the middle-class and kill Canadian jobs and prosperity. They are standing strong on their agenda!


If only Canada had a real Canadian government…