SURVEY: Andrew Scheer More Popular Than Trudeau, Also Leads Among Women

Trudeau’s popularity continues to remain low.

A new Ipsos survey shows Justin Trudeau’s popularity remaining low, with Andrew Scheer more popular among key demographics.

According to the survey, 36% of Canadians overall approve of Andrew Scheer, while Trudeau is behind with 32% approval.

Scheer leads Trudeau among both men and women, with 35% of women approving of Scheer, higher than the number who approve of Trudeau. That will be a big worry for the Liberals, who have tried to make ‘feminism’ a key part of their brand. Of course, Trudeau’s despicable treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould is one of many ways his ‘feminist’ rhetoric has been exposed as yet another lie.

Scheer also holds a strong lead over Trudeau among Canadians aged 55 years and above (who vote in very large numbers). Scheer has 45% approval among that group.

Trudeau’s only clear lead in any demographic is among millennials, but even there his support is weak for a sitting PM, with just 33% support.

This poll may indicate that the Liberals abortion fear-mongering is falling flat, as people can see past the desperate deception.

Spencer Fernando

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Lynne Mayotte

Glad anyone is better than Trudeau, but, I do not trust Andrew Scheer, too weak and a follower rather than a leader. Best man is MAXIME BERNIER.


With this being Maxime Bernier’s first time running in an election to become our PM, anyone voting for Max Bernier is helping Trudeau win, God Forgive. I agree that Maxime is a Good Candidate for PM, but Maxime will not be winning this Election, so why help Trudeau with your Vote for Maxime. Perhaps, Maxime can run in 2023 and he may win, Especially if Canadians are Not Happy with Andrew Scheer, but we Must Vote Conservative in this upcoming October Election. A Conservative “Majority” Government is the ONLY way that we will make Canada, Canada Again. If we Vote… Read more »

Arie Intveld

Voting for Mad Max won’t put him in the PMO; it won’t even grant his party official opposition status. Such a vote will bring more incremental swirling around the socialist “drain” via 4 more years of Trudeau Jr. and Max’s pet project …”social economics”.

Stuart Robinson

You just keep trying to get Trudeau elected by splitting the vote. It wont work, but keep trying anyway.


There is no such thing as vote splitting. To split a vote you are assuming everyone is going to vote for Andrew Scheer if Max Bernier was not an option. The truth is people are getting tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and are choosing to stay home and not vote. So you see you can’t split a vote that was not going to be cast.

Anais Anthony

Fake news. Few women like Scheer. He doesn’t represent them. He’s no feminist. Unless someone comes along better than Trudeau, I will continue to vote Liberal. Scheer would put us right in the pocket of Trump. They are actually a lot alike in their values.


I agree Trudeau is not doing the job. But I absolutely do not trust Scheer; he is the last person I would vote for.