SURVEY: Andrew Scheer More Popular Than Trudeau, Also Leads Among Women

Trudeau’s popularity continues to remain low.

A new Ipsos survey shows Justin Trudeau’s popularity remaining low, with Andrew Scheer more popular among key demographics.

According to the survey, 36% of Canadians overall approve of Andrew Scheer, while Trudeau is behind with 32% approval.

Scheer leads Trudeau among both men and women, with 35% of women approving of Scheer, higher than the number who approve of Trudeau. That will be a big worry for the Liberals, who have tried to make ‘feminism’ a key part of their brand. Of course, Trudeau’s despicable treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould is one of many ways his ‘feminist’ rhetoric has been exposed as yet another lie.

Scheer also holds a strong lead over Trudeau among Canadians aged 55 years and above (who vote in very large numbers). Scheer has 45% approval among that group.

Trudeau’s only clear lead in any demographic is among millennials, but even there his support is weak for a sitting PM, with just 33% support.

This poll may indicate that the Liberals abortion fear-mongering is falling flat, as people can see past the desperate deception.

Spencer Fernando

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