‘Post-National Buddies’: European Union Elites Really Love Trudeau

They both have a shared goal: Weakening sovereign nations.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has no objective power.

Our military is weak.

Our diplomacy repeatedly fails.

We can’t get our phone calls answered.

Nobody fears or respects us.

Trudeau’s pandering and virtue-signalling have made us a laughingstock.

But there’s one group of people who are still singing his praises:

European Union elites.

Here’s what EU Commission President Donald Tusk tweeted:

“Canada is back. Thanks to its courage, decency, wise vision. And thanks to its leader, who with such talent and determination combines a policy of national interest with universal values. It’s good to have Canada on our side. #EUCanadaSummit”

Tusk is loathed by many in Europe, and particularly by many in our close ally Great Britain for his repeated efforts to stymie the will of the people, his efforts to wipe out national sovereignty, and his authoritarian, centralizing agenda.

So of course Tusk and Trudeau would get along. They both share the goal of making everything ‘Post-National,’ and putting all the power in supra-national institutions, further removing the ability of citizens to actually impact their societies.

To keep our nation sovereign and free, Canadians must reject the agenda and worldview of Tusk & Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter