REPORT: Desperate Liberals Caught Lying About Conservatives & Old Age Security

Conservatives slam “fear and smear” campaign.

With polls showing the Liberals at risk of losing power, their desperation continues to grow.

Now, they are once again spreading outright lies.

As noted by iPolitics, the Trudeau Liberals are claiming that the Conservatives plan to cut Old Age Security:

Liberal Seniors Minister Filomena Tassi and Liberal MP Stephane Lauzon said “Canadian seniors remember how the previous Conservative government tried to balance the budget by making cuts to benefits that they rely on. We are concerned that (Andrew Scheer) is taking his cues from Doug Ford. Will his plan involve reckless cuts for five years? We worry about how these cuts will impact seniors.”

Except, the Conservatives aren’t doing that, and there is ZERO evidence that there will be any cuts to OAS.

The Liberals are flat-out lying.

They’re making this BS up.

Amazingly, those same Liberals arrogantly try to control social media and demand that ‘misinformation’ be banned, even when they’re the ones spreading the misinformation.

The Conservatives fired back, and countered the Liberal lies:

Alice Wong – the shadow minister for Seniors for the Opposition – said the Liberals are “creating a cost-of-living crisis for seniors” with its carbon tax. “They’ve hiked taxes, made everyday essentials like gas, home heating, and groceries more expensive. Our seniors helped build our country — we owe them so much better.”

With no positive achievements to defend, the Liberals are doubling-down on fear and smear, dividing Canadians even further and spreading more lies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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