Trudeau’s former top adviser returns to the fold as election nears.

Gerald Butts, the former principal secretary to PM Justin Trudeau, is returning.

It’s being reported that Butts attended a meeting of 60 top Liberal officials discussing the upcoming campaign at a hotel in Ottawa.

Here’s what Butts said:

“It’s no secret that I have a lot of friends who are still actively involved, whom I care about very deeply, and I care about my country very deeply. And I think that what is happening and how we’re experiencing it in Canada, we’re at a really important moment, in particular on the issues that I care most about, like climate change. We’re at a turning point and it’s important for people who care about those issues to get involved and try and make positive change happen.”

The return of Trudeau’s top advisor – though in a different capacity – will bring further discussion of the SNC-Laval PMO Scandal. After all, Butts had resigned in the midst of the scandal, and was heavily criticized for – among other things – apparently telling Jody Wilson-Raybould that “it wasn’t possible for her mind to be made” up after she said her mind was made up on not giving SNC-Lavalin a sweetheart ‘deferred prosecution agreement.’

Butts has also been criticized for demonizing Conservatives in the most vile terms, further increasing the dangerous division in our already divided nation.

By bringing back Butts, Trudeau is sending a clear message that deception, anger, and brutal partisanship will be at the core of the Liberal campaign.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

Butts never left. He was just in the background and no doubt still collecting a paycheque.

Margaret Smith

I totally agree Gerri. He apparently resigned and now suddenly as the election looms he is back again. Of course he is feeding Trudeau. That was his role as the top advisor but like you, I firmly believe the advice never stopped and Butts was just in the background.


Lock him up.
Lock him up.
Never happen, the weasels control the henhouse.
Our politicians need to be accountable and they made sure the laws favor the corrupted.

Gary Hudson

Butts is still in the pay of the World Wildlife Federation. The WWF is in the pay of American interests who are lobbying/paying to keep Canadian oil off the world market. Trudeau’s political campaign is largely financed by US interests.

Gerri Page

A great amount of our money is being used for his campaign.


This brainwashing political gravy train is so tempting, easy money for these totally useless, very greedy, selfish, destructive radical type of people. we need real laws to protect Canada and Canadians from them. After the corruption and debt this “person” caused in Ontario, why is he not in prison.


The divisive hatred of Conservatives by the Liberals is only going to get worse. CTV now seems to be intent on establishing their place at the Liberal $600,000,000 trough with many of their articles and interviews. Just watched an article on the radical vegan Canadian Food Guide, and the attacks on Scheer weren’t even veiled anymore. They seem to have gone further far left than the CBC.

Global BC is now almost as bad. Take their news articles with a huge grain of skepticism.

Gerri Page

It is up to the people to vote him out knowing all the damage and debt he has done to Canada and favouring illegals, terrorists and Muslims. No amount of CBC, CTV and the media coverage should influence voters. Now is the time to take back Canada or Trudeau will change everything good in Canada and dictate to us with his rules – a very scary thought. He is a communist, social lover and the worst kind. Be afraid, be very afraid if he returns.

Shawn Harris

It has become crystal clear, Trudeau’s contempt for Canada and Canadians has resulted in his desperate attempt to maintain power at all costs and methods, including bringing back one of the most destructive, divisive and reviled backroom bureaucrats, Gerald butts.Trudeau’s december pledge of taking the high road and not going negative in the coming election, is now officially dead. Which was totally insincere and fake; meaning he just wanted to portray Scheer and the Conservatives as being, mean spirited, racist, divisive and being nothing more than a Canadian version of Trump, while deceitfully pretending to be noble and virtuous. All… Read more »


Like a snake in the grass, he slithered away to avoid being caught in the SNC scandal and now he’s slithered back to help the inept Trudeau win another election. If he loved this country as much as he says he does, he would leave well enough alone.

Brian Dougan

Exactly. If I may be so bold..one small change to your comment: Delete “well enough alone” at the end of your last sentence.


Butts never left.

D Met

Well of course he’s back – how else can Trudeau win? He sure as Hell can’t do it on his own! Look at how much more poorly he has been doing in the polls and governing in general. Everyone knows that Butts was/is Trudeau’s puppet master. God help Canada if we are stuck with Trudeau the moron for another 4 years!

alan skelhorne

did he ever leave, I highly doubt it.


#Trudeaumustgo. #Iamnotabot

Moe S.

Wishful thinking Trudeau believes Canadians have & will forget about SNC-Lavalin, however, the people of Ontario have NOT forgotten Gerald Butts the architect of Ontario’s FAILED Green Energy revolution as senior advisor to Prov. Liberal Premier McGuinty & Wynne. Every time I see one of the thousands of ‘wind turbines’ that litter Southern & Central Ontario, I’m reminded of Kathleen Wynne and Gerald Butts!

james isnor

He “cares about his country very deeply” then morphs into climate change doctrine. He is either uninformed about the climate or on the take from the Climate Change industry. PMO does nt get it. Bringing this A hole back is an insult to Canadians and Canada. He has a good chance of getting re elected with his dishonest underhanded tactics PMO Harper actually cared about Canada. Justine does not. Please go to the polls in October and send him to retire in Tofino with his seedy pals

Ron Shaw

Butts=Corruption=Frenchman =Corruption =Liberal =Butts=Trudope =Corruption . Common divider is Corruption .

Brian Dougan

Butts is back. What took him so long? “I care about my country” “Important issues–like ‘climate change.’ ” Idiot. The middle finger to you Puttz.

David MacKAY

Unfortunately the Liberals saw Scheer as a weak opponent – Buit’s and others resigned and now come back after Scheer dropped the ball/lost interest/didnt know what to do in pressing the Lavalin scandal.
So what is Scheer going to do? Vigorously state “Oh Is Lavalin still a scandal? Well then I will condemn it again, because that’s what Joe Clark would have done!”

old white guy

When is a lie not a lie?