Trudeau’s former top adviser returns to the fold as election nears.

Gerald Butts, the former principal secretary to PM Justin Trudeau, is returning.

It’s being reported that Butts attended a meeting of 60 top Liberal officials discussing the upcoming campaign at a hotel in Ottawa.

Here’s what Butts said:

“It’s no secret that I have a lot of friends who are still actively involved, whom I care about very deeply, and I care about my country very deeply. And I think that what is happening and how we’re experiencing it in Canada, we’re at a really important moment, in particular on the issues that I care most about, like climate change. We’re at a turning point and it’s important for people who care about those issues to get involved and try and make positive change happen.”

The return of Trudeau’s top advisor – though in a different capacity – will bring further discussion of the SNC-Laval PMO Scandal. After all, Butts had resigned in the midst of the scandal, and was heavily criticized for – among other things – apparently telling Jody Wilson-Raybould that “it wasn’t possible for her mind to be made” up after she said her mind was made up on not giving SNC-Lavalin a sweetheart ‘deferred prosecution agreement.’

Butts has also been criticized for demonizing Conservatives in the most vile terms, further increasing the dangerous division in our already divided nation.

By bringing back Butts, Trudeau is sending a clear message that deception, anger, and brutal partisanship will be at the core of the Liberal campaign.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube