JUDGE: BC NDP Gov Can’t Block ‘Turn Off The Taps’ Bill In Alberta Court

“The only parties with standing to bring this action in this court are the (Attorney General of Alberta) and the (Attorney General of Canada),” says Judge Robert Hall.

Alberta Queen’s Bench Judge Robert Hall says BC can’t block Alberta’s ‘Turn Off The Taps’ legislation – at least not in an Alberta or BC court.

In his ruling, the Judge said only the Attorney General of Alberta or the Attorney General of Canada can bring the matter to court:

“The only parties with standing to bring this action in this court are the (Attorney General of Alberta) and the (Attorney General of Canada).”

“Neither party could direct me to any cases in which one province has sued another province seeking a declaration of constitutional invalidity of legislation enacted by the defendant province,” added Hall.

This is a big loss for the hypocritical BC NDP Government, who have made the insane claim that they simultaneously have the right to block Alberta oil from going through pipelines in BC, while also claiming that Alberta doesn’t have the right to block oil shipments to BC with the ‘Turn Off The Taps’ legislation.

BC has said they are studying the ruling.

Alberta has said they are ‘pleased.’

The case will continue in Federal Court.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Good, some laws in Canada are still working, unless radical lefties get back in power.
Did you hear that BC wants to build an oil refinery? Trudeau announced he would support this????? This was in the bought out lefty media, but did not say where they want to bring in the crude from?? or any other details so I assume it was more radical lefty propaganda.


Horgan is going directly against the over 70% of BC citizens that support the pipeline and the Canadian economy. Like Trudeau, he has no hesitation in spending millions on lawyers to promote his own personal agenda. Horgan isn’t near as pretty as Trudeau.

BC recently proudly declared a $1,500,000,000 surplus ( $1.5 billion ), most obviously coming from his $45 Horgan Tax on the climate. We in BC get ripped off with the insignificant “rebate”. Less than $150 compared to the Provinces that oppose the Climate Tax, where Trudeau’s bribe is over 4 times as much.

Gloria Saunders

BC NDP Governor General has already restarted the proceeding. This gov wants to spend our money on a bullet train to Seattle and south. But won’t contribute our tax money to finishing the Massey Bridge. Upgrading the Massey Tunnel. Won’t widen the highway from Vancouver to Hope. But they are willing to spend these tax dollars on stopping the pipeline and shipping oil from Burrard Inlet. Have increased taxes and are spending it on things that are not of benefit to the general citizen.


“Things not benefiting us general citizens” – Like paying for someone else’s horrendously overpriced electric car.

Horgan would benefit way more people if there was some assistance towards the purchase of electric assisted bikes, scooters and trikes. Thousands more people would bike to work or shopping if they could get a bit of electric assistance. My E-trike has a strong basket at the back that can easily carry heavy and bulky groceries at 25km / hr for about 40 km. More if I help by pedaling.

Shawn Harris

It would appear, that yet again, Trudeau and now Horgan just don’t get it, Canadians want a pipeline to tidewater. And Horgan like Trudeau is just another hypocritical politician, who claims to be following the wishes of the public and yet doesn’t understand or accept the reality that a very large majority of the public want a pipeline and really do support the oil industry. Horgan and his stubborn pride is creating anger and frustration within the public of BC and Canada, that will lead to his and Trudeau’s downfall. Even worse , is the wasting of taxpayers dollars to… Read more »

old white guy

They don’t want oil or gas so don’t send it to them.

john smith

When you elect an NDP govt you get what you voted for…irrationality, emotionalism, illogic, financial ruin, and most of all Cognitive Dissonance…all of you in Lotus Land.. enjoy the bed you have made..