Trudeau Appoints Bank Executive To Liberal-Dominated Senate

Tony Loffreda will fill vacant Quebec seat.

Justin Trudeau has appointed a bank executive to fill a seat in the elitist Liberal-dominated Senate.

The spot will be filled by Tony Loffreda, an executive at Royal Bank.

Loffreda is currently the Vice-Chairman of RBC Wealth Management, and has been high up in RBC for over a decade.

Trudeau has now appointed 50 people to the Senate.

While Trudeau falsely claims that his appointees are ‘independent,’ the reality is that the Senate is dominated by the Liberals, who regularly vote exactly how the Trudeau government demands.

Spencer Fernando

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Is it a wonder that our economy favors banks, brokers, insurance industry, realtors, big industries, etc.
Cost of living for the rest of us is far too expensive with inflation.
Got rid of our pennies due to inflation.
It just keeps getting worse with no one addressing these issues…
Just keep imposing new taxes and restrictions…

Thomas Tass

The shameless Liberal cabal that is corrupt to the max must be exposed every damn day until the election. If they stay in power Canada as a country will be finished.


Canada is in a brink of disaster so why not hire Reporters, police officers, judges, imams, doctors, you name it to the Senate to help cover Trudeau’s ass.