Since Parliament Adjourned, Trudeau Has Announced $2.27 BILLION In New Spending. 62% Has Gone To Quebec. Just 0.1% Has Gone To Alberta.

Justin Trudeau is trying to buy votes in Quebec with money taken from Western Canada.

Since Parliament adjourned on June 21st, Justin Trudeau has announced $2.27 billion in new government spending.

As noted by True North News, a whopping 62% of those funds have gone to Quebec.

And guess how much has gone to Alberta?

Just 0.1%.

To put that in dollar terms, Quebec has received $1.4 Billion in new federal spending since June 21st, while Alberta has received just 3.34 million.

In the video below, Canada Proud points out that “other provinces were shafted as well,” with Manitoba receiving 0.4%, the Northwest Territories getting 0.7%, and the Atlantic provinces getting 3.4%. In fact, when you add up the money received by Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan combined, it adds up to just 10% of the total disbursed.

They also point out that “these funding announcements and the clear message sent from the SNC-Lavalin Corruption Scandal once again prove to Western Canadians that Team Trudeau will play dirty games to help his political fortunes.”

This will only fuel more anger and division in our already-divided nation, as Trudeau tries to buy off Quebec (where the Bloc is rising and scaring the Liberals) with money taken in large part from taxpayers in Western Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Shawn Harris

Arrogant Trudeau is once again showing his contempt for for Canadians and his out right hate and bias against the provinces, with the exception of provinces where he bribes the voters with our tax dollars. Namely Quebec, the Atlantic provinces and major Liberal cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Trudeau wants to maintain power by dividing Canadians, while failing to govern Canada with the same level of equality he professes to live by. Trudeau has put conditions and a price on infrastructure, and development, by setting the example of , you get your tax dollars for infrastructure and development,… Read more »

Tom Abbott

Pleae vote this inept , corrupt government from power in October…..