ELITIST ARROGANCE: Trudeau Condescendingly Compares Indigenous Communities To “Child” Needing Love From Government “Parent”


Justin Trudeau’s elitist arrogance was on display once again at a recent event.

Speaking about the relationship between the government and Indigenous Communities, Trudeau said this, as reported by CTV News:

“We have to be patient. We have to be present. We have to be unconditional in our support in a way a parent needs to be unconditional in their love — not that there is a parent-child dynamic here.” 

Trudeau also said Indigenous communities need to be able to “make their own mistakes.”

The arrogant, condescending attitude on display here by Trudeau is absolutely disgraceful.

Note how he quickly realizes how bad his comment is, and then tries to cover it up by saying “not that there is a parent-child dynamic here.”

Well, if he wasn’t thinking in terms of that kind of dynamic, why did he bring up the ‘love’ of a “parent”?

And again, the idea of letting someone “make their own mistakes” is also generally used in referring to children.

The fact is that Justin Trudeau’s comments reveal how the Liberal elites really feel about Indigenous People, and indeed how they feel about everyone outside the elitist class. They want everyone else to be a victim, being in a subservient vulnerable position asking the elites for ‘love’ and ‘support.’

But when people are independent, think for themselves, and seek prosperity on their own terms, the Liberal elites quickly turn that ‘love’ into ‘hate.’

And for Trudeau to talk about ‘reconciliation’ is appalling, considering how he treated Jody Wilson-Raybould. When Wilson-Raybould stood up for the rule of law against Trudeau and his elitist buddies, Trudeau booted her out of the Attorney General role and then kicked her out of the Liberal Caucus.

Trudeau has also unilaterally blocked energy projects that were supported by numerous Indigenous Communities, all without even consulting them or considering their point of view.

Justin Trudeau’s arrogance and condescension is hurting reconciliation, and the more he talks, the worse it gets.

Spencer Fernando


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