LEGER POLL: Conservatives Narrowly Lead Liberals, Greens Ahead Of NDP

The Liberals only lead in one region of the nation – Quebec – and are either trailing or tied everywhere else.

With the federal election getting closer, more and more polls are being released.

The latest is a poll by Leger.

Here are the key numbers:

The Conservatives lead the Liberals nationally with 36% of the vote among decided voters. The Liberals have 33%.

In a notable development, the Greens narrowly lead the NDP by 1 point. The Greens are at 12%, and the NDP are at 11%.

The Bloc are at 4% (18% in Quebec), and the People’s Party are at 2%.

Compared to the last Leger poll, the Liberals are up 4 points, while the Conservatives are down 2.

The Conservatives lead in Atlantic Canada, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. The Liberals lead only in Quebec. Ontario is tied.

Here are the regional breakdowns (top 2 parties shown)

BC – Conservatives 32%, Liberals 31%

Alberta – Conservatives 59%, Liberals 24%

MB/SK – Conservatives 42%, Liberals 25%

Ontario – Conservatives 36%, Liberals 36%

Quebec – Liberals 37%, Conservatives 24%

Atlantic – Conservatives 39%, Liberals 38%

The Liberals have the most negative sentiment against them according to the poll, with 25% saying they would ‘never’ vote Liberal, compared to 19% who say they would ‘never’ vote Conservative.

5% say they are ‘very satisfied’ with the federal government, while 31% say they are ‘somewhat satisfied.’

Meanwhile, 25% say they are ‘somewhat dissatisfied,’ while 34% are ‘very dissatisfied.’

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Allsopp

The bulk of Central Canadian voter sentiment is so foreign to me that I’ve given up trying to figure them out. Someone please fill me in on what makes them tick, politically.


Teachers, Unions, Civil Workers make up a lot of this vote….

Roy Elsworth

Dave they are fake polls especially ledger poll most of these polls are bought by leftist. Same polls that predicted Donald trump would lose


free stuff given to them from the money collected in the west.

Roy Elsworth

Spencer these polls are wrong the Ppc has over 40,000 members that alone is higher then 2% they are purposely under sampling the ppc and over sampling the Greens. Because we all know that global warming’s a myth and I believe that their were polls that showed that.


FAKE POLLS!!! PPC is way more ahead than that!!!!

Norbert Kausen

I would guess that the polls are inaccurate and the conservative ratings are FAR higher than the liberals. every Ontarian I have talked to absolutely despises the liberals and Trudeau… with a passion!


Your absolutely right Dave. I believe it’s between the left propaganda and of course the libtard politician that hate Canada as much as trudope does.Tax payer funded cbc spewing venom at every conservative and Christian conservative.They are totally clueless when it comes to the socialist and the poverty it’s brought on all countries who try and endure it.Indoctrinating our innocent young and bringing in every illegal really does tilt the score.

Susan Leroux

Could this be why we are seeing so much sudden news on Max and what he wants to do? Looks like he would close the gap. Just saying, I have not seen any media on the NDP platform and very little on Scheer.
We have to get rid of the liberals, if we don’t Canada will be over. Vote Conservative if you love this country.

Bill Craig

Susan Leroux Absolutely right. The despicable media will do all it can to support justin. Why I just don’t know. It’s not the bailout money, they were with him long before that. Just puzzling. I don’t know a single person, and I know a lot of people, who will admit to being a liberal. Four more years of this and well, there won’t even be a Canada.

Shawn Harris

If polls are to be trusted, then this poll says, that this election will come down to which party, the Liberals or the Conservatives can win these crucial provinces. Namely, the Atlantic provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario.From Newfoundland to the Manitoba Ontario border there are a total of 245 seats. Scheer really only needs to gain the majority of the seats in the Atlantic provinces, win 25 to 30 seats in Quebec and more than half the seats in Ontario to get a majority Conservative government. After all, the Atlantic provinces… Read more »

Bill Craig

How on earth is it possible that trudeau is even in double digits popularity with all his screw ups too many to name!! Good Gawd what is wrong with people that they could even think about voting for the incompetent, traitorous fool. I will never figure out the Canadian voter.


This is not looking good for Canadians. For the Conservatives to win… there a parties that should come together. PPC, Veteran Coalition Party. They are giving priorities to Canadians and know what needs to be put right. They have to join forces, pick a strong leader….and follow through.