LEGER POLL: Conservatives Narrowly Lead Liberals, Greens Ahead Of NDP

The Liberals only lead in one region of the nation – Quebec – and are either trailing or tied everywhere else.

With the federal election getting closer, more and more polls are being released.

The latest is a poll by Leger.

Here are the key numbers:

The Conservatives lead the Liberals nationally with 36% of the vote among decided voters. The Liberals have 33%.

In a notable development, the Greens narrowly lead the NDP by 1 point. The Greens are at 12%, and the NDP are at 11%.

The Bloc are at 4% (18% in Quebec), and the People’s Party are at 2%.

Compared to the last Leger poll, the Liberals are up 4 points, while the Conservatives are down 2.

The Conservatives lead in Atlantic Canada, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. The Liberals lead only in Quebec. Ontario is tied.

Here are the regional breakdowns (top 2 parties shown)

BC – Conservatives 32%, Liberals 31%

Alberta – Conservatives 59%, Liberals 24%

MB/SK – Conservatives 42%, Liberals 25%

Ontario – Conservatives 36%, Liberals 36%

Quebec – Liberals 37%, Conservatives 24%

Atlantic – Conservatives 39%, Liberals 38%

The Liberals have the most negative sentiment against them according to the poll, with 25% saying they would ‘never’ vote Liberal, compared to 19% who say they would ‘never’ vote Conservative.

5% say they are ‘very satisfied’ with the federal government, while 31% say they are ‘somewhat satisfied.’

Meanwhile, 25% say they are ‘somewhat dissatisfied,’ while 34% are ‘very dissatisfied.’

Spencer Fernando