Liberals Try Distancing Trudeau From Latest PMO Scandal, But Why Should Anyone Believe Them?

After all the lies, particularly on the SNC-Lavalin Scandal, there’s no reason to think the Liberals will somehow be truthful.

During the SNC-Lavalin Scandal, the Trudeau Liberals followed a clear pattern every time a new report on their misdeeds emerged.

First, they denied any new report, calling it ‘fake’ or ‘false.’

Then, they would admit to a bit of what the report said, but claiming it wasn’t really that bad.

Finally, they would simply seek to silence anyone who continued to speak out about it, pivoting to attacks on the Conservatives in an attempt to distract and change the message.7

So in their latest PMO Scandal, the Liberals are well into the first phase.

As we recently discovered, the Trudeau PMO has been trying to silence former diplomats who are speaking up about policy towards Communist China, and are being heavily condemned for the authoritarian style tactics.

And now, as we would expect, they’re trying to distance Trudeau from it, claiming the PMO isn’t “involved in that,” which totally contradicts the reporting of Fife & Chase from the Globe & Mail.

Liberal MP Rob Oliphant said “The prime minister, the Prime Minister’s Office the minister and the minister’s office was not involved in this.”

As T Lee Humphrey said on Twitter, we can remember when Trudeau said the SNC-Lavalin Scandal was false:

“I’m old enough to remember when Trudeau told Canadians
@RobertFife was full of it and his sources were liars in his response to the initial article on what became #LavScam so colour me skeptical”

Humphrey makes a great point.

After all the lies, and the pattern of deception I’ve mentioned above, why should any of us believe the Liberals on this?

The Trudeau government has repeatedly moved towards further authoritarianism, and is clearly trying to emulate the information-control of Communist China.

Silencing diplomats is exactly along those lines, and the Liberals’ denials are laughably pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

Any Sane person would not believe a word that these liberals have to say ,their track record speaks for them


Who is this Oliphant character? Some backbencher sent by the PMO to try to deflect from yet another sleazy situation? How does he know the PMO or Foreign Affairs wasn’t involved in this? What a pile of garbage, and the Liberals are getting worse, getting even more desperate.

D Met

Trudeau and his band of unethical, lying fools can’t be gone soon enough! #trudeaumustgo

Beverley Campbell

Perhaps his butts buddy will step up and try to take the blame, again, which did not work last time and which will not work this time.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and the Liberals claim to be the party of the Charter. Yet, they can’t stand to see citizens using their right to freedom of speech, especially former diplomats. It’s been a while since Trudeau was blaming the Conservatives and Harper for his scandals. So, somehow Trudeau will pathetically blame Harper, Scheer and the Conservatives for his attempts to shut down free speech in Canada. Trudeau must go.