The Trudeau Government Gave $250 Million To Communist China’s Infrastructure Bank

Why haven’t they taken it back?

Communist China has been repeatedly mistreating Canada.

With two innocent Canadian Citizens being kidnapped – and still held in terrible conditions in the Communist State – and with our exports being blocked under totally false pretenses, China has realized that they can seemingly get away with anything without facing a tough response.

That’s because the Trudeau Liberal government has repeatedly refused to push back, and have failed to take even one tough step in response to China’s aggression.

In fact, the government has even failed to do something that would be incredibly easy, which would be to withdraw Canada’s contribution to the China-controlled Asian Infrastructure Bank.

As noted by the Conservatives, the Liberals gave the China-controlled bank $250 Million of our taxpayer dollars:

“In 2017, Trudeau handed $250M to the Chinese-owned Asian Infrastructure Bank to build roads, bridges, and pipelines halfway around the world. He hasn’t pulled the funding even after Beijing blocked Canadian imports and detained our citizens.”

It’s bad enough that our tax dollars were given to an entity controlled by Communist China. And to refuse to pull Canada’s contribution, despite China’s absolutely horrendous treatment of Canadians, is a disgrace.

No wonder China keeps treating our nation like garbage: They keep getting away with it.

Spencer Fernando


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Only a quarter billion dollars. CBC bots will shoot down any opposing opinion in the comments and permanently ban anybody that types “SNC”. Oh well.


As well, WTF doesn’t this gutless fascist Government at least threaten to cut off China’s access to Canada’s Tar Sands Oil? China has invested 14 billion dollars so far in Canada tar sands oil. Kick them the hell out. They would do it to Canada. And why the hell didn’t Canada lean on Mr. Trump with respect to NAFTA in the context of oil exports? Most of Canadian petroleum production is exported, approximately 482,525 cubic metres per day (3 Mbbl/d) in 2015, with virtually all of the exports going to the United States. Canada is by far the largest single… Read more »

David MacKAY

Cut off China’s access to Canada’s tar sands? Where have you been? That’s what this is already about – Canada shut down the Norther Gateway pipeline in 2016 that was going to allow China to export its oil instead of wait in line for an any volume small opening they may be able to reserbe in the Trans mountain Pipeline. China found that diplomacy didn’t work even with millions given to the Trudeau foundation.


Probably because China holds some of our notes as it does the USA. Whose brilliant idea was it 20-30 yrs ago to start buying from China???

old white guy

The headline should read, Trudeau government borrows 250 million to give to China.

Marion Leyland

This government is so inept!


He is a coward


Why should the Apoligizer care, it is not his money, and he could care less about Canada outside of Ottawa and parts of Quebec. He is not a leader but a man who insults most Canadians every time he speaks with his frat brothers left wing philosophy, and labeling those who disagree with his warped/lack of values as racist. The Chinese know exactly how weak a leader he is, and treat him like the paper tiger he is. The liberal party will be wiped out the next election, as the skewed polls try to say otherwise. There is just too… Read more »


Trudeau is giving our money to promote communisam.The ones that want to destroy us.They building their infrastructure with our money to make more money for themselves,while we have homeless people on the streets beging for money.Does charity begins at home or not.I guess it does not anymore.


Are you kidding me??? Tax payers money to communist china?
October cannot come soon enough.