Trudeau’s Attempt To Silence Former Diplomats Is Dangerously Anti-Canadian

The Liberals appear to think China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’ should be used as an operating manual.

When Canadians first heard Justin Trudeau’s comments praising China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship,’ most people just hoped it was a stupid mistake.

After all, it would be pretty horrendous if a Canadian PM actually admired the brutal dictatorship of the Communist State.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau clearly wasn’t just being stupid (though that’s certainly part of it).

His admiration for the Communist State is real, and now he’s using it as an operating manual.

With the recent revelation that the Trudeau PMO is trying to silence former diplomats who are speaking out about Canada’s policy towards China, it’s clear that Justin Trudeau is trying to implement China’s authoritarian playbook here at home.

And that is dangerously anti-Canadian.

We are supposed to be a free country, where private citizens can speak their minds without getting a phone call from the central government telling people the ‘right message.’

It’s a dangerous form of creeping authoritarianism, and we must stand against it.

Justin Trudeau is clearly seeking to expand the power of the central government at the expense of Canadians, and that’s how, step by step, we slowly lose our freedom.

We must not stand for it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Spencer for sure your on the Lieberal blacklisted reporters now, that is if you were not already – amazingly you believe in freedom of speech, which is why we love you and your truth to power! thank you, Canada needs you, You are so right about the stories we Canadians are being spoonfed by the lieberal paid off media, we are only to hear and read what they tell them they can print for us, definitely not the whole story or the truth. Unit and save the country by voting Conservative, the last party that is FOR Canada and Canadians,… Read more »


What I would dearly love to know is how Trudeau ever got the idea that acting like this towards Canadian citizens was o.k. Can he not see that what he is doing is so unacceptable? What is wrong with Trudeau?

Shawn Harris

Trudeau, in a cruel and patronising way, truly believes that the slow death of our rights is a good thing for Canadians.That freedom of speech, can be redefined, shaped and manipulated to suit his narrative as to what we should be see, hear and speak about. In Trudeau’s twisted and perverse way of thinking, he shows exactly where his heart is and it isn’t for Canada or Canadians, but is solely for himself. And that makes Trudeau a very dangerous man with power he shouldn’t have. That his self image is so vitally important, that nothing bad, critical or judgemental… Read more »