REPORT: RCMP Now Claiming They Can’t ‘Substantiate’ York Landing Tip On Sighting Of Murder Suspects

Uncertainty continues to rise as suspects remain at large.

The level of uncertainty and concern in Canada, particularly in Northern Manitoba, will only continue to grow, after the RCMP now claims they can’t substantiate tips from in the community of York Landing that murder suspects Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod were in the area.

Here’s what the RCMP said on Twitter:

“After a thorough & exhaustive search, #rcmpmb has not been able to substantiate the tip in York Landing. RCMP resources will continue to be in the York Landing & Gillam areas.

We thank the community for their patience & understanding & ask them to continue to be vigilant.”

This further raises the level of concern in Canada, because, if the authorities spent almost a week searching in Gillam, then shifted the search to York Landing, and the suspects were in neither of those places, then the potential radius of where the suspects could be will only grow larger and larger.

Spencer Fernando