Treacherous Trudeau Betrays Canada’s Working Class With Massive Surge Of Foreign Cheap Labour ‘Guest Workers’

Once again, the Trudeau Liberals do the bidding of the corporate elites, while Canadian workers get stabbed in the back.

I have said over and over and over again that Justin Trudeau is betraying Canadian workers and is doing the bidding of the corporate elites.

And now, there’s even more evidence confirming that.

As reported by the Vancouver Sun, since 2015 the Trudeau Liberal Government has implemented a massive surge in the number of ‘guest workers,’ and foreign students. They have increased the number of ‘international mobility program’ workers (aka cheap foreign labour guest workers) by a shocking 400% in just 3 years.

Now, the government is bringing in 400,000 foreign students, and 250,000 ‘international mobility workers’ PER YEAR. By contrast, 70,000 ‘guest workers’ were brought in under the Conservatives in 2015, and 200,000 foreign students were brought in in 2015.

This is driving down wages for Canadians, giving big elitist corporations exactly what they want – a huge pool of scared, compliant, and cheap workers, while Canadian Citizens are screwed over.

As noted by UBC economist David Green, “A second trouble with Canadian companies increasingly relying on low-wage guest workers, Green said, is it leads to a more fearful workforce, incapable of demanding adherence to local labour standards or of forming a union. “Everyone knows these guest workers have no rights. If they lose their jobs they’re gone. They’re not about to complain. Canadian firms are now not only getting just lower-wage workers these days, they’re getting very compliant workers,” said Green.”

The report also points out that this is hurting wages and ‘threatening respect for workers.’

“Even though businesses frequently lobby politicians to allow more guest employees, Green says the latest hikes are putting downward pressure on wages and threatening respect for workers. They’re exacerbating the kind of scenario, he said, that lead to the rise of Donald Trump and Britain’s Brexit movement.

Saying it’s “truly dumb” for the federal government to continue boosting low-skilled guest workers in the country, Green emphasized the vast majority of Canadians don’t appear to be aware of the labour-market shift. “It’s totally under the radar.”

Added Green, the immense surge in foreign guest workers “releases the pressure on firms to provide better jobs, jobs where you have control over your time, where the pay is decent. It lets the steam off. And that pushes us toward a society that doesn’t respect workers so much.”

This is a massive, unprecedented surge in cheap labour foreign guest workers.

So, while Trudeau talks about ‘the middle class’ and helping ‘those seeking to join it,’ the reality is that he’s stabbing Canadian workers in the back, and overseeing an unprecedented increase in cheap labour.

Trudeau’s elitist corporate buddies must be absolutely loving this, as they can keep wages low, keep workers fearful, and use an endless supply of foreign labour.

It also shows that – behind the ‘inclusive’ rhetoric – Trudeau has contempt for those who seek to immigrate to Canada. By bringing in guest workers, who in many ways get to skip in line and enter Canada, Trudeau pushes others back, and reduces job opportunities both for Canadian Citizens, and for those going through the lengthy process to become Canadian Citizens and contribute in the job market.

Once again, we see that Justin Trudeau and the entire Liberal government is engaged in a deliberate attempt to betray Canadian workers, betray Canadian Citizens, and make the elites more powerful at our expense.

Share this far and wide so the Canadian People can see the truth of Treacherous Trudeau’s Betrayal.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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We need the names of these companies and their relationship to Trudeau. We can’t complain about a foreigner taking someone’s job when it is the company that is giving the job away.


Good thoughts, they say in business as well that nothing is free..scratch scratch by some.


I do not know if this is still true, but the government used to pay a part of these peoples wages to work here, and pay a lot to the students who came to go to our Universities, and of course they all still are given the chance to become Canadian citizens, once here and continuing to work.


Help Wanted (Canadians need not apply)

David MacKAY

With all the outrageous and damaging things Trudeau is doing to his reputation in an electionss year we can only ask two questions –
1. Are all of Caanda’s mainstream media intent on making Trudeau look good by any means?
2. Is there even going to be an election this year?


And in other news record job creation under libs! Same old libs destroying Canada daily.

Fred Dimmick

It’s just part of the globalist way he espouses to realize international fame while destroying Canada!


I totally agree with David Green.One does not have to look far.Just look at McDonald restaurant TimHortons ,BurgerKing,Wendy’s ,A&W etc,etc all are filled with guest workers not even speaking English among themselves jabbering in their own language even playing their own music.Once upon a time young high school kids helped in those restaurants earning little money to buy their school supplies and little things they need.NOW IS NO MORE.Guest workers are more important than our kids.The employers are in charge of emigration department.Even minister for emigration said that he listen to employers ,and that is the reason he wants to… Read more »


I keep hearing Canadian kids don’t want to work. That food industry could not keep their employees. Too much turn over therefore the need was there. I think maybe they raised their expectations of young employees. When I see a 14 year old kid quitting his first job because he could not balance school and doing kid things while working 6 to 7 shifts a week, it makes me think that maybe they are being pushed out. When I see another kid repeatedly being scheduled on set days (practices/games) that management knew about upon hiring, it makes me think they… Read more »

Gerri Page

Retail, stationary, computer stores etc. and most can’t speak proper English because their accents are too strong and that includes phones when you need help. Never ending thanks to Trudeau, so remember to vote him out and save Canada money so he won’t be around to hand it out to other countries like candy and none for us. Wake up Canada and do the right thing for a change for future generations.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s logic on the economy and employment is keep Canadian workers unemployed and massively increase the number of foreign workers and students. And he wonders why he is so despised and even hated. Instead of increasing the numbers of working Canadian citizens and truthfully growing the middle class, Trudeau has been working towards reducing the numbers of working Canadians and is creating a third world economy , here in Canada by stealth. To those Canadian corporations and businesses that have quietly aided and abetted Trudeau in the destruction of our economy; they are showing the same level of contempt for… Read more »

old white guy

Sorry, there is no stealth about it is there for all to see but blind Canadians will see nothing.


Liberals are criminals at work

Brian Dougan

How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning: (With apologies to Ms. Browning.) Turdo to Canadians…”How do I [expletive deleted] thee…let me count the ways.”

old white guy

Just who is going to hire these ignorant foreigners? CANADA IS AN ECONOMIC BASKET CASE THAT CAN’T EVEN BUILD A PIPELINE. The country is so far in debt that the money to pay welfare is borrowed. Idiots each and every one.

james isnor

This must be how the PMO calculates the unemployment rate on his unicorn calculator from high school. Some bizarre formula that adds in the students and temporary worker with the number of bong hits and daily euthanasia numbers. VOTE IN OCTOBER

james isnor

I don t even go to any of the fast food restaurants any more, not for years. They are usually filthy throughout. The temporary workers at the counter are mostly rude, lethargic, uninterested and miffed that they have to do something. The food is always sub par with the order being wrong more times than not. Usually they are standing in the mess talking between themselves in their mother tongue ignoring people in line. Don t forget most of the money they earn is sent out of the country and out of our economy. The fast food corporations must realize… Read more »


James no it does not when you are just being truthful.


We need in goodwill to name, call out the companies and the politicians and their perhaps financial connections or other support to the friendly politicians. A look at Trudeau and his friends, adviser(s) off shore benefits show so much? But what about senior Grit ties to Mulroney, the same financial ties to leader of the Mulroney clan? NO coincidence.

William Jones

There can surely be no surprise here since treachery runs in the family as any research of Pierre and his approach to Canada clearly demonstrates.