Treacherous Trudeau Betrays Canada’s Working Class With Massive Surge Of Foreign Cheap Labour ‘Guest Workers’

Once again, the Trudeau Liberals do the bidding of the corporate elites, while Canadian workers get stabbed in the back.

I have said over and over and over again that Justin Trudeau is betraying Canadian workers and is doing the bidding of the corporate elites.

And now, there’s even more evidence confirming that.

As reported by the Vancouver Sun, since 2015 the Trudeau Liberal Government has implemented a massive surge in the number of ‘guest workers,’ and foreign students. They have increased the number of ‘international mobility program’ workers (aka cheap foreign labour guest workers) by a shocking 400% in just 3 years.

Now, the government is bringing in 400,000 foreign students, and 250,000 ‘international mobility workers’ PER YEAR. By contrast, 70,000 ‘guest workers’ were brought in under the Conservatives in 2015, and 200,000 foreign students were brought in in 2015.

This is driving down wages for Canadians, giving big elitist corporations exactly what they want – a huge pool of scared, compliant, and cheap workers, while Canadian Citizens are screwed over.

As noted by UBC economist David Green, “A second trouble with Canadian companies increasingly relying on low-wage guest workers, Green said, is it leads to a more fearful workforce, incapable of demanding adherence to local labour standards or of forming a union. “Everyone knows these guest workers have no rights. If they lose their jobs they’re gone. They’re not about to complain. Canadian firms are now not only getting just lower-wage workers these days, they’re getting very compliant workers,” said Green.”

The report also points out that this is hurting wages and ‘threatening respect for workers.’

“Even though businesses frequently lobby politicians to allow more guest employees, Green says the latest hikes are putting downward pressure on wages and threatening respect for workers. They’re exacerbating the kind of scenario, he said, that lead to the rise of Donald Trump and Britain’s Brexit movement.

Saying it’s “truly dumb” for the federal government to continue boosting low-skilled guest workers in the country, Green emphasized the vast majority of Canadians don’t appear to be aware of the labour-market shift. “It’s totally under the radar.”

Added Green, the immense surge in foreign guest workers “releases the pressure on firms to provide better jobs, jobs where you have control over your time, where the pay is decent. It lets the steam off. And that pushes us toward a society that doesn’t respect workers so much.”

This is a massive, unprecedented surge in cheap labour foreign guest workers.

So, while Trudeau talks about ‘the middle class’ and helping ‘those seeking to join it,’ the reality is that he’s stabbing Canadian workers in the back, and overseeing an unprecedented increase in cheap labour.

Trudeau’s elitist corporate buddies must be absolutely loving this, as they can keep wages low, keep workers fearful, and use an endless supply of foreign labour.

It also shows that – behind the ‘inclusive’ rhetoric – Trudeau has contempt for those who seek to immigrate to Canada. By bringing in guest workers, who in many ways get to skip in line and enter Canada, Trudeau pushes others back, and reduces job opportunities both for Canadian Citizens, and for those going through the lengthy process to become Canadian Citizens and contribute in the job market.

Once again, we see that Justin Trudeau and the entire Liberal government is engaged in a deliberate attempt to betray Canadian workers, betray Canadian Citizens, and make the elites more powerful at our expense.

Share this far and wide so the Canadian People can see the truth of Treacherous Trudeau’s Betrayal.

Spencer Fernando

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