New Poll Shows Small Lead For Conservatives

Seat projection is almost tied.

A new Forum Research poll shows the Conservatives with a small popular vote lead over the Liberals nationwide.

However, the Conservative vote appears to be less efficient – at least in this poll – resulting in a seat projection that is nearly tied.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives – 34%, Liberals – 31%, Greens – 12%, NDP – 12%, Bloc – 5%, Peoples – 5%, Other – 3%

Seat projection:

Conservatives – 152, Liberals – 150, NDP – 22, Bloc – 11, Greens – 3

Here are the regional breakdowns:

BC: Conservatives – 38%, Liberals 23%

Alberta: Conservatives 62%, Liberals 16%

Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Conservatives 35%, Liberals 25%

Ontario: Liberals – 36%, Conservatives – 31%

Quebec – Liberals – 34%, Conservatives – 23%

Atlantic – Liberals 34%, Conservatives 30%

This poll matches the recent trend of Liberal support slowly increasing, while Conservative support is either stagnant or slowly declining.

While Justin Trudeau remains very unpopular, Andrew Scheer is struggling to boost his own numbers, in the face of an anti-Conservative demonization campaign increasingly being pushed by the federal Liberals and their establishment media enablers.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

How can any Sane person have the gall to actually vote for Trudeau and his lying party is beyond me

Shawn Harris

It is absolutely crucial for Scheer and his Conservatives to be leading in the polls when Trudeau launches Canada into a national election . And that is looking to be a very difficult job, as long as Trudeau can go about manufacturing fake news and information to tilt the public’s mind into accepting him and his twisted vision for Canada and Canadians. If Trudeau gets another majority government, he will see that as a green light to sledge hammer what is left of the Canada we know and love. The next four years will make the last four years feel… Read more »

alan skelhorne

sorry, don,t believe this at all.

Margaret Smith

How can this be that the Liberals are ahead in some provinces. It must be the rich and famous in these polls because the Liberals sure have done nothing to help the little guy. We should be very worried as October slowly draws near.