Search Struggles Show Why Canada’s Military & RCMP Need A Big Boost In Funding

The struggle of the military and RCMP to handle the search for two murder suspects shows that those tasked with keeping Canadians safe are totally underfunded. That must change.

Many Canadians are understandably growing upset that the combined efforts of the Royal Canadian Air Force and RCMP, murder suspects Bryer Schemegelsky and Kam McLeod are still at large.

Some have pointed out that, even at the highest level of manpower, there was a relatively small number of officers involved in the search.

Additionally, the military contribution was just one plane, until a second was added later on.

Further, at one point the RCMP was even using private, civilian pilots and air craft to help with the search.

According to CTV, “Police sources tell CTV News use of these civilian planes and helicopters raises concerns about these pilots’ safety. While these civilian pilots are sometimes hired for search-and-rescue missions due to their skill and local knowledge, they are inexperienced when it comes to handling a potentially dangerous situation.

“The police pilots are trained in a different way, to take evasive actions if someone’s shooting at them and of course those pilots are very trained to observe things on the ground average pilot might not see because they’re not used to looking for people, especially armed people,” said Chris Lewis, a former Ontario Provincial Police commissioner and CTV News’ safety and security analyst.”

What this shows is – as I’ve long been saying – the Canadian military is vastly underfunded.

Considering the immense amount of airspace in Canada, the Air Force should be able to provide more than one or two planes.

And considering the immense territory the RCMP is expected to operate in, the fact that a relatively small amount of officers is considered ‘an all-out effort,’ makes it clear that the RCMP doesn’t have the resources to effectively do their job in Canada’s northern areas.

This is part of a larger problem in the North, as multiple federal governments have failed to invest in the capabilities needed for our country to truly exercise influence and control over all of our national territory.

That’s why both the RCMP and the Canadian Armed Forces (particularly the Canadian Air Force), need to receive a big boost in funding. The RCMP needs more officers, more planes, more helicopters, and more vehicles that can operate in rugged conditions. The Armed Forces also need more planes of all kinds, particularly fighter jets, but also planes that can be used in surveillance.

Remember, if the military and RCMP have so much trouble surveilling the North, how would we expect our country to be defended if there was ever an incursion into our North by a foreign power?

Some have criticized the RCMP and the Air Force for the fact that the suspects are still on the run, and while that is certainly something that must be allowed in a free society, the deeper issue appears to be the fact that our country has not allocated the necessary resources to project power over our entire territory.

It’s time for that to change.

The RCMP and military should get a huge boost in funding, as soon as possible. That’s what must be done to keep Canadians safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Military, law enforcement, our whole legal system needs more than just a boost, this non conforming use of our politics and government by selfish wasteful “elites” and foreigners, they probably are waiting for the FBI or the USA’s military to step in (yet once again), but then our short staffed legal system may fail us (too busy the wait is too long) and they will be turned loose, this is really happening a lot in Ontario. We need a government for Canada, to get things back to order in Canada we have a lot of territory to cover if we… Read more »


Well, I have lived through many elections so far. Historically, whenever the Libtards are in power the military and law enforcement ALWAYS have suffered terribly with funding and support of any kind. And when the Conservatives have been elected, the military and law enforcement have gotten tremendous boosts. The old saying is: “If you do not believe in God, you had better believe in guns.” And clearly, the “sign of the times” does not bode well for the Western World as long as utterly useless, pusillanimous, fascists like Trudeau and his goon squad remain in power. Particularly when Trudeau and… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

No, they don’t need MORE Funding!!! Perhaps the military need more funding, but Trudeau would rather finance terrorists!. We need to arm ourselves and become more VIGILANT in our own SELF DEFENCE!!! The police CANNOT do it, nor will they ever be able to do it and the military has been so cut to the bone, they are no longer effective! we CANNOT even defend ourselves from invasion! THAT is what Trudeau wants! It will be up to the citizens to defend Canada from foreign invasion and from tyranny from within! We must reverse all our reprehensible, restrictive and Orwellian… Read more »


It is absolutely critical that $2 billion go to Islamic terrorist Afghanistan, and multi-millions go to Hamas and the NCCM, with hundreds of thousands more to Islamic Relief & Muslim Brotherhood.

Any idea how many millions are being given to a few people to pay for their horribly overpriced electric cars? Standard KIA Soul is about $26,000, the EV version is about $52,000 . Criminal ripoff and stupid people continue to buy them.


We will depend on the US to defend us. Oh, we hate the US………how is that going to work?


More funding? well if they did that the first thing they would do is NOT look for murderers or gangbangers. They would first issue OICs then have them go door to door confiscating firearms. Shooting anybody that refused entry. If I felt the government would protect my liberty and freedom as well as ‘safety’…then yea…but they have demonstrated they will not..


The RCMP don’t need more money. They need to reallocate their manpower. Take the baggage handlers off the border and set them after criminals again. How many millions in their resources has been diverted to being tour guides for illegal aliens?