Big Government: Average Canadian Family Spends 44% Of Income On Taxes

And it’s only getting worse.

With Canada’s affordability crisis worsening, more and more people are feeling the excessive weight of taxes making the cost of living even worse.

Now, as pointed out by Jasmine Pickel of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, we can put an exact number to that tax burden:

“The average Canadian family spent more than 44% of its income on taxes in 2018. The average Canadian family would need to work until June 14th to pay the taxes imposed on it!”

This is an outrageous level of taxation, with nearly half of our income being stolen from us by politicians.

And it’s getting far worse, with the Trudeau Carbon Tax, the removal of tax credits that Canadian families had counted on, and increased bureaucratic regulations that make everything more expensive and costs the economy jobs.

Additionally, the Trudeau Liberals have brought in a massive influx of foreign ‘guest workers,’ which drives down wages and makes the burden of taxes even worse for people who aren’t getting raises that keep up with inflation.

So, while the Liberals claimed to be helping the middle class, the reality is that the middle class and working class Canadians are under attack.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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