Conservatives Smash Q2 Fundraising Records

While polls show a close race, the Conservatives are dominating the fundraising battle.

The Conservatives had a record fundraising second quarter of 2019, pulling in a whopping $8.5 million.

53,000 people donated to the Conservatives in Q2.

That $8.5 million is the most the party has ever raised in the second quarter of the year, beating the mark they set in 2011.

By contrast, the Liberals raised $5 million, and say that was their second best Q2 in terms of donors, with 41,500 contributing.

The bad news for the NDP keeps on going, with the party pulling in just $1.43 million, a number surpassed even by the Greens, who raised $1.44 million.

On Twitter, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the numbers point towards momentum for his party:

“Less than 90 days until Election Day, and these fundraising results show that momentum is firmly on our side. Canadians are tired of the scandals and the broken promises. They’re looking for a new government that will live within its means and help them get ahead.”

This is good news for the Conservatives, however, their fundraising advantage offset by the fact that the Liberals have the establishment media, government advertising, and skewed rules on their side.

The Conservatives will need all the resources they have to fight against this increasingly rigged and biased system.

Spencer Fernando

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“Mommy, what was a liberal party?” LOL coming soon folks…


It’s good news but sadly he is the wrong leader for the party.

Shawn Harris

The Conservative party like all political parties lives or dies by the amount of support they get from the public. This continued high level of support shows that and should help to send a clear message to the voters, that you have nothing to fear or lose by voting for the Conservative party. Scheer and his Conservative party have done a fantastic job of exposing Trudeau and his Liberal party as liars and frauds; let everyone come together to support the Conservative party and defeat Trudeau. IT is the best way to save Canada and Canadians from another devastating four… Read more »


Go Conservatives, without you as a majority government Canada is lost, just a broken and poor UN run post national state.

Kevin E. colliss

Thankyou spencer for your hard honest work. !!


The libs have the media whereas the cpc have the people.
Just like the Democrats have the media whereas Trump has the people.